Posted by: rearadmiral | October 3, 2011

A shout out


A shout out to author Abigail Reynolds for her answer about the cover of “The man who loved Pride and Prejudice(now titled Pemberley by the Sea).
Abigail Reynolds
Kirk, you get a medal. I had a long argument with my editor who insisted no one would know that Nauset Light wasn’t in Woods Hole, and I kept saying that people who knew Cape Cod take their lighthouses seriously! And it’s not for nothin…g that my dogs were named Nauset and Nobska. I ended up giving in since otherwise the cover included everything I asked for, which is far better than usual. I first went to Woods Hole as a grad student in 1983 and I’ve been a regular visitor ever since. For a long time my family vacationed in Eastham, but I kept lobbying for the Woods Hole area, and so now we stay in West Falmouth just north of Woods Hole. Woods Hole was made a great setting – it practically wrote itself.


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