Posted by: rearadmiral | December 12, 2011

JASNA MA Jane Austen Bday music, toast, and quiz

There was music, a cake, a toast, and quiz. 

 I won the above book for finishing tied for 2nd with Marcia Folsom(!! a great honor indeed 🙂 ) in the S&S quiz. It is a collection of short stories. Lol, the woman(and a friend of hers) who won this yr, also beat me(w/ 3 team mates) in OT last yr. I have tried to interest her in us.

Lol, neither Marcia Folson nor I were happy with our total # correct. I will like to blame a few missed answers on the closeness of the Pats game that I was following. Lol, that would be wrong. I could care less what the name of Lady Middleton’s girl is



  1. Sounds like lovely day! – sorry to have missed it – and congrats on your 2nd place with Marcia – no easy feat! – Dancing with Mr. Darcy is delightful…you will enjoy it – your reading group should take it on…

  2. Thanks Deb! And super thanks for the shout out on the Penny Post!! Looking forward to reading it. If it is as half as good as “Jane Austen made me do it”, then it will be fun! I will be emailing that list I promised later today. Wrote it down and then misplaced it. Ugh!


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