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She sent me a letter/Tis folly(sp?)/Anonymous/Poster!/Emma quoted re Post Office/Jane in Eastern Mass.,0,7045611.story

“I wish you a merry Christmas, but no compliments of the Season”. JA to CEA Monday Dec. 24,1798

“Mr Digweed has used us basely. Handsome is as Handsome does; he is therefore a very ill-looking Man”. Jane Austen to Cassandra Austen Sunday Jan 24,1813

“We are just beginning to be engaged in another Christmas Duty, & next to eating Turkies, a very pleasant one.” Written by Jane Austen to Martha Lloyd on 11/29/1812. From JASNA Eastern PA

Emma is quoted in the following Op-ed piece:

Jane in Eastern Mass?
“But for there being no Ice, what could prepare me!-Weymouth is altogether a shocking place I perceive, without recommendation….by the inhabitants of Gloucester….You found my letter at Andover”. JA to CEA Friday 9/14/1804



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