Posted by: rearadmiral | January 16, 2012

Jane on the cold weather/Visit Hampshire

“How do you like this cold weather? I hope you all been earnestly praying for it as a salutary relief from the dreadfully mild and unhealthy season preceding it, fancying yourself half putrified from the want of it, and that now you all draw into the fire, complain that you never felt such bitterness of cold before, that you are half starved, quite frozen, and wish the mild weather back again with all your hearts”. JA to CEA Sunday 1/25/1801

“I beleive(sic) I drank too much wine last night….I know not how else to account for the shaking of my hand to day(sic);—You will kindly make allowance therefore for any indistinctness of writing by attributing it to this venial Error.—Naughty Charles did not come on tuesday; but good Charles cam yesterday morning”. JA to CEA Thursday 11/20/1800

“Your letter came quite as soon as I expected, and so your letters will always do, because I have made it a rule not to expect them till they come, in which I think I consult the ease of us both” JA to CEA Tuesday 12/18/1798



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