Posted by: rearadmiral | February 25, 2012

Reviews and comments

From a VT letter in support of a candidate for city council:
Watching Theirry, one cannot help but be impressed by his intelligence, ingenuity, positive attitude, creativity, and his community building skills. He is equally at home in his Jane Austen book group as he is climbing in the dirt to shore up the foundation of a sagging building. As a result, he is able to relate to and empathize with everyone he encounters. More importantly, he inspires them to join together for the common good.

Team Marianne does not approve of many comments made in the article below:

Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club And to quote the Dowager Countess regarding Lucy Steele “…a nastier woman never drew breath”!

From the 2/16/2012 Wall Street Journal(I have many comments but…)
An Internet wit offers a facetious summary of Jane Austen’s collected works: “Female Lead: ‘I secretly love Male Lead. He must never know.’ Male Lead: ‘I secretly love Female Lead. She must never know.’ They find out.” While perhaps not entirely accurate with regard to Austen’s novels, it does describe the comedy of manners now unfolding between the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company, or Tepco.




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