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From JASNA Eastern PA:
members enjoy Jane Austen’s letters. On March 5, 1814, Austen began her letter to Cassandra: “Do not be angry with me for beginning another Letter to you. I have read the Corsair, mended my petticoat, & have nothing else to do.”
“MAY, LOU, and CASS:Jane Austen’s Nieces in Ireland” by Sophia Hillan
4 1/4 Teacups out of 5! Although the title mentions the Nieces in Ireland, more than a fourth of the book is about Jane Austen. I read Copperfield in between starting and finishing the book. Some of the info about the Irish Land Wars later in the book was not of great interest to me(Lady Sybil might want to know some of that st…uff). Here’s a great quote from the book: “Fanny’s(Fanny Knatchbull (nee Knight)) long years of responsibility and anxiety had long since robbed her of the spirit and joy which so delighted her aunt….Where Jane Austen had been a Georgian, a`proponent of the middle way and the ‘good sense’ advocated by the 18th century writers she admired, Fanny was, by 1869, a narrow-minded, intransigent Victorian”.
“If you will thank me,” he replied, “let it be for yourself alone. That the wish of giving happiness to you might add force to the other inducements which led me on, I shall not attempt to deny. But your family owe me nothing. Much as I respect them, I believe I thought only of you.” – Mr. Darcy.


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