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Emma, Emma, Emma

“These days of confinement would have been, but for her private perplexities, remarkably comfortable, as such seclusion exactly suited her brother, whose feelings must always be of great importance to his companions; and he had, besides, so thoroughtly cleared off his ill-humour at Randalls, that his amiableness never failed him during the rest of his story at Hartfield. He was always agreeable and obliging, and speaking pleasantly of every body”. -Emma Chapter XVI

Men of sense, whatever you may choose to say, do not want silly wives.” – Mr. Knightly, from Emma

Sweet tea is the thing for frayed nerves; don’t know why it has to be sweet, I couldn’t tell you. #DowntonAbbey — The Dowager Countess (@theLadyGrantham)

How to catch Mr. Knightley:-to know at an early age;
-Listen to his advice;
-Employ the beautiful son of a friend to flirt with you

“You arre inimitable, irresistable. You are the delight of my Life. Such Letters, such entertaining Letters as you have lately sent!–Such a description of your queer little heart!–Such a lovely display of what Imagination does”. JA to Fanny Knight Thursday 2/20/1817


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