Posted by: rearadmiral | April 4, 2012

MAD etc/Gone with the Wind/Links from FB

“Should no notice be taken of this Address, I feel myself at liberty to secure the publication of my work, by applying elsewhere. I am Gentlemen & c & c                                                         MAD.— Direct to Mrs Aston Dennis Post office, Southhampton
JA to B. Crosby & Co. Weds 4/5/1809(Jane was asking why “Susan”, later known as Northanger Abbey, hadn’t be published. Sadly, it wasn’t published until 5 months after her passing in July 1817. Stupid B. Crosby & Co purchased the rights in 1803 but didn’t publish it)!/photo.php?fbid=213028922135355&set=a.137436496361265.23434.127193320718916&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=213029965468584&set=a.137436496361265.23434.127193320718916&type=1&theater





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