Posted by: Shirley | June 1, 2012

Age of Innocence & a Picnic!

BOOK: Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence
WHEN: Sunday, July 8, 2012  at 12 p.m.
: World’s End, Martins Lane, Hingham
RSVP:  Leave a comment here or on Facebook if you’re coming.

We’re celebrating Edith Wharton’s 150th birthday with a discussion of Age of Innocence. With a Box Hill-style picnic!

Earning Wharton the first Pulitzer Prize ever awarded to a woman, The Age of Innocence is a powerful novel that explores the constraints imposed on love and marriage in nineteenth century high society. It tells the story of Newland Archer, a New York socialite whose impending marriage and infatuation with his fiancé’s European cousin causes him to become disillusioned with society and its myriad affectations. A powerful rumination on love and loss, The Age of Innocence remains a compelling and relatable novel even today.


  1. since stupid fb erased my message to everyone i’ll ask it here: ANY ONE HAVE HEAT RETAINING CARAFES I COULD BORROW FOR THE PICNIC? I have 3 of them but any no-leak carafes would be GREAT. I’m going to boil water right before I leave and carry them in the carafes (a 4th is an ice tea one). The carafes must seal and not leak or pour out when closed. THANKS. Rebecca

  2. This sounds like such a fun book club!~


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