Posted by: rearadmiral | August 5, 2012

Early August/Olympics

Happy belated Bday to Nicolette Larson. Sad irony dept. her lifespan…(July 17, 1952-Dec 16, 1997)…Jane Austen (Dec 16, 1775-July 18, 1817).

From 7/31…Not a Potter fan, but Bday wishes to J.K. Rowling for naming the mean cat “Mrs. Norris”.

Also 7/31 Bday wishes to..Happy Bday to Emilia Fox!

Emma gets some love….

“Just mention the name [Fanny Price] and stand back, whatever else is being discussed falls by the wayside”-Edith Lank

‎”In a letter to Eliza Quincy of …..BOSTON, Frank(Sir Francis William Austen(1774-1865) remembers his sister: Of the liveliness of her imagination and playfulness of her fancy, as also of truthfulness of her description of character and deep knowledge of the human mind, there are sufficient evidence in her works; and it has been a matter of surprise to those who knew her best how she could at a very early age and with apparently limited means of observation, have been capable of nicely discriminating and pourtraying such varieties of the human character as are introduced in her works…..She was a most agreeable companion and by the lively sallies of her wit and good-humoured drollery seldom failed of exciting the mirth and hilarity of the party”. From “The Friendly Jane Austen” by Natalie Tyler


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