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“An Uncommon Education”/Happy Bday Sir Walter Scott/Etc…

“An Uncommon Education” by Elizabeth Percer…4.25 out of 5 teacups! From the jacket cover….”A young woman tries to save three people she loves in this elegant and remarkably insightful coming-of-age debut”. Confession time…2/3 of the book takes place at Wellesley College(the author went to Wellesley). For that alone, I would have given the book at least three teacups(I worked at the bookstore some summers, both parents worked there(at separate times), went to the Newman Club, went to Lake Waban in summers, the mother of one my High School friends was President of Wellesley…played softball on the grounds…etc). No Jane Austen here(but we read more than just JA alone here!!!), but plenty of Shakespeare. The heroine is a member of the “mysterious” Shakespeare Society. The book is abit dark for my taste…lol not exactly “…rather too light, and bright, and sparkling”(JA about P&P). There is much shade here(maybe too much), much like the Wellesley Campus. -Kirk

Eye rolling continues….Jane Austen is NOT A VICTORIAN!!!

Rolls eyes…..

“I am quite ashamed to find that I have never answered some questions of yours in a former note.-I kept the note on purpose to refer to it at a proper time, & then forgot it.-I like the name “Which is the Heroine?” very well, & I dare say shall grow to like it very much in time….I allow much more Latitude than She does-& think Nature & Spirit cover many sins of a wandering story…” JA to Anna Austen 8/10-18/1814


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