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“Jane Austen” by Margaret Kennedy

“Jane Austen” by Margaret Kennedy…4 Teacups. Other than the beginning(The Background-very strange), this slim volume from 1950 is a gem(107 pgs). Alas, I forget who recommended it, but I thank them! About Northanger Abbey: “The supporting cast is small but perfectly in key with her. There is not a single character which does not contribute to the whole composition. Technically the book is perfect”. -Margaret Kennedy 1950

“Anne replies that most books have been written by men. ‘The pen has been in their hand,’ she says, so turning the phrase unconsciously because in her mind is the picture of the man sitting behind her with a pen in his hand. Persuasion is a love story in a way that none of the other books are. Anne and Wentworth hold the scene so firmly that several points of interest in the background often go unremarked”. -Margaret Kennedy 1950

“The most lovable character in the book is old Mrs. Jennings, who has no pretensions to breeding at all. Her efforts to mend Marianne’s broken heart with a bottle of fine old Constania wine are very funny, and her own heart is very much in the right place”. -Margaret Kennedy 1950

“This Muse, beholding in 1796 the indecision of a chosen votary, took matters into her own hands. She granted one of those lightning flashes of pure inspiration with no artist can hope to experience more than once or twice in his life….With the creation of Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Austen was vowed to comedy”. -Margaret Kennedy 1950

From 8/20:Happy Bday to Patricia Rozema! She wrote and directed the 1999 Mansfield Park film. How many have seen it? How many like it? Lol, her version certainly isn’t actually MP, but she certainly “brighted” Fanny Price by giving her lines from Jane Austen’s letters!

By a 5-0 vote, the Christmas Party date will be Saturday 12/8! Let the planning begin…oh wait, it has!!!!

“You will puff her up with such ideas of her own beauty, and of what she has a claim to, that, in a little while, nobody within her reach will be good enough for her. Vanity working on a weak head produces every sort of mischief. Noting so easy as for a young lady to raise her expectations too high. Miss Harriet Smith may not find offers of marriage flow in so fast, though she is a very pretty girl. Men of sense, whatever you may choose to say, do not want silly wives.”
—Jane Austen, Emma

From 8/19:Happy Bday to Samuel Richardson!!! Who’s in to read some Richardson?? Anyone?? And the crickets played on…..

…..As for ourselves we’re very well;
As unaffected prose will tell.-
Cassandra’s pen will paint our state,
The many comforts that await
Our Chawton home, how much we find
Already in it, to our mind
And how convinced, that when complete
It will all other Houses beat
…..You’ll find us very snug next year
Perhaps with Charles & Fanny near,
For now it often does delight us
To fancy them just over-right us.-
JA to Francis Austen 7/26/1809



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