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Labor Day weekend

“But the remembrance of the appeal remained a pleasure to her-as a proof of friendship, and of deference for her judgement, a great pleasure; and when it became a sort of parting proof, its value did not lessen”.

“The prospect of a long quiet morning determines me to write to you, I have been often thinking of it before, but without being quite able to do it-and You are too busy, too happy & too rich(underlined) I hope, to care much for Letters…The weather can hardly have incommoded you its’ heat.-We have had many evenings here so cold, that I was sure there must be fires in the Country”. JA to Martha Lloyd 9/2/1814

“The journey to London is a point of the first expediency, and I am glad it is resolved on, though it seems likely to injure our Worthing scheme….We have also found time to visit all the principal walks of this place, except the walk round the top of the park, which we shall accomplish probably to-day”. JA to Cassandra Austen 8/30/1805

“We had a very pleasant drive from Canterbury, and reached this place about half-past four, which seemed to bid fair for a punctual dinner at five; but scenes of great agitation awaited us, and there was much to be endured and done before we could sit down to table”. JA to Cassandra Austen 8/27/1805

“It is the most important of the novels, the most ambitious in theme, and the best example of her powers. She put all that she had into it. As a work of art it heads the list, and if it is not the universal choice, that is because so many people do not ask that a novel should be, primarily, a work of art. Fanny Price is not as attractive as Elizabeth Bennet or as touching as Anne Elliot, and this is enough to make many readers rate the book lower than Pride and Prejudice or Persuasion. But it is not really about Fanny Price. The subject is in the title: it is about Mansfield Park, the great country house, the home of privilege”. -Margaret Kennedy 1950…%29


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