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9/10 Postcard to Henry!(Purcell, that is. It’s his Bday today)

Happy Bday to Colin Firth! Yesterday was the bday of Hugh Grant!

“To Henry Thomas Austen Esqre.
I AM now availing myself of the Liberty you have frequently honoured me with of dedicating one of my Novels to you. That it is unfinished, I greive; yet fear that from me, it will always remain so; that as a far as it is carried, it should be so trifling and so unworthy of you, is another concern to your obliged humble Servant
The Author

Messrs Demand and Co-please to pay Jane Austen Spinster(Admin: this was written when she was 17) the sum of one hundred guineas on account of your Humble Servant.
H.T. Austen

“Marianne needs a serious dope slap.” -“All Roads Lead to Austen” by Amy Elizabeth Smith What?????????? Anyone(that line refers to the author’s students) considering that ought to have their library cards revoked, their kindles/nooks/other reading things unplugged, and have to read the dictionary from cover to cover for the whole semester!!! -Team MARIANNE!!!!!!!(and I thought I was going to like the book…hufffff)

” TO Miss Austen
Encouraged by your warm patronage of The beautiful Cassandra, and The History of England, which through your generous support, have obtained a place in every library in the Kingdom, and run through threescore Editions, I take the liberty of begging the same Exertions in favour of the following Novel, which I humbly flatter myself, possesses Merit beyond any already published, or any that will ever in future appear, except such as may proceed from the pen of Your Most Grateful Humble Serv.
Steventon August 1792
From the dedication of “Catharine Or The Bower”.

From 9/4:Happy Bday to Joan Aiken(1924-2004)!!! I haven’t read her other Jane Austen books, but I LOVE her Jane Fairfax book!!!! Lol, Team Jane Fairfax!

“The [?Americans] cannot be conquered, & we shall only be teaching them the skill in War which they may now want. We are to make them good Sailors & Soldiers, &([?gain] nothing ourselves”. JA to Martha Lloyd 9/2/1814


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