Posted by: rearadmiral | September 18, 2012

Happy Bday to the late, great Elizabeth Spriggs!

Thanks to Angie who pointed out that Gemma Jones(Mrs. Dashwood 95) was also in Harry Potter.

“It was a struggle between propriety and vanity; but vanity got the better.” ‘Persuasion’ – Jane Austen

“Adm. Croft’s manners were not quite of the tone to suit Lady Russell, but they delighted Anne. His goodness of heart and simplicity of character were irresistible”. -Persuasion

“…but Mrs. Norris had a spirit of activity, which could not satisfied till she had written a long and angry letter to Fanny(her sister, not her niece), to point out the folly of her conduct, and threaten her with all its possible ill consequences”. -Jane Austen, “Mansfield Park”

“Filch owned a cat called Mrs. Norris, a scrawny, dust-colored creature with bulging, lamplike eyes just like Filch’s. She patrolled the corridors alone. Break a rule in front of her, put just one toe out of line, and she’d whisk off for Filch, who’d appear….two seconds later. ….and it was the dearest ambition of many to give Mrs. Norris a good kick”. (Admin: don’t like to read such a thing normally but in this case….)-J.K. Rowling “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

“Anne found Captain Benwick again drawing near her. Lord Byron’s “dark blue seas” could not fail of being brought forward by their present view, and she gladly gave him all her attention as long as attention was possible. It was soon drawn per force another way”. -Persuasion


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