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Happy Bday to KATE WINSLET!!!!!/My Dear Sophy-Kimberly Truesdale

“My Dear Sophy” by Kimberly Truesdale…..4 Teacups
From the backcover…”Fifteen years before the events of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, this is the story of how the Admiral and Mrs. Croft first meet”. I enjoyed meeting one of my favorite Austen couples as they discover each other. There was much wit in the book. Lol, I hate that Admiral Croft, Captain in the time of the book, being called “Connie”(first name Conrad in the book). There were a couple of circumstances in the book where I had to stretch my disbelief abit far. However, that was made up for by some very moving scenes. I understand from her blog and the book backcover that the author hopes to write more stories involving Sophy and Adm Croft. I’ll be onboard! I’m ready to sail with them!

” ‘I hope you do not consider me an enemy, sir’. Sophy smiled mischievously. ‘For I would hate to force you into battle and then rout you soundly. It might wound your manly pride.’ ” -Kimberly Truesdale “My Dear Sophy”

” ‘My Manly pride?’ Captain Croft guffawed. ‘My dear Miss Wentworth, you have two brothers. Surely you must know that manly pride endures all. Indeed, in twenty-seven years mine has survived many a set down and lived to fight another day. There is not much you might do to wound it irreparably”. -Kimberly Truesdale “My Dear Sophy”

” ‘Truly?’ Sophy raised her eyebrows in mock incredulity. ‘We shall have to see about that’ “. -Kimberly Truesdale “My Dear Sophy”


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