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Upcoming events/other items

10/21 Mansfield Park at Glastonbury Abbey, Hingham, MA 12:00
10/26 Sandy Lerner at The Harvard Book Store 7:00pm
10/28 JASNA-MA 43 Hawes Street, Brookline 2:00
11/1 Mansfield Park II 7:15pm, location to be determined.
11/25 Your choose your own book. 12:15pm location to be determined

“You will practise your Music of course, & I trust to you for taking care of my Instrument & not letting it be ill used in any respect…..I am sorry you got wet in your ride; Now that you are become an Aunt, you are a person of some consequence & must excite great Interest whatever You do…” JA to Caroline Austen 10/30/1815

From JASNA NJ:Okay Janeites lets start pooling our money – A Regency-style stone house with six bedrooms is on the market for $3.2 million in Somerset County, in southwestern England. Built in 1815, it is set on eight acres near Bath.
From me: We could have dancing there… “bordering on the most profligate and shocking”!

Rewatched Sense & Sensibility 2008 recently after thinking about it during Dan Stevens bday. 4 Teacups. This one is more of Elinor’s story than Marianne’s story. Another member of Team Marianne thinks that too. That being said, Hattie Morahan and Dan Stevens seem wonderful as Elinor and Edward(Hattie won some award for her work here…lol she sounds alot like Emma Thompson). They are also wonderful on the DVD commentary….I just wish the director didn’t speak so much on the commentary). Hattie and Dan comment are parts one and three. Charity Wakefield(Marianne Dashwood) and Dominic Cooper(Willoughby) comment in part two. Charity has some good insights, although she is hard to hear. This S&S is abit dark. Indeed, the producer and director state at some point in the commentary that they add elements of “the three twisted sisters” to Austen…grrrrrrrr. I could have done without certain scenes shown in this production that are hinted at in the book but not described in the book. Elinor’s smiles at the end of the production are priceless. Thoughts?

Happy Bday to Michael Gambon!!!!!!!

Jane Austen quote of the week: ‘I hope Edward’s family visit to Chawton will be yearly, he certainly means it now.’ Letter to Francis Austen, 25th September 1813.



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