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Christmas Party!

: Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 3:45 p.m. until 9 p.m.
: Casa Rebecca. Address will be e-mailed to guests.
RSVP:  Leave a comment here or on Facebook if you’re coming.

Menu so far

  • Rebecca: English cucumber tea sandwiches; prosciutto & antipasto plate; punch; cocktails; tea
  • Corrie: Tea cakes and cookies; spinach & feta phyllo pastries
  • Bryanna: Scones
  • Kirk: Vegetables & olives; champagne
  • Karen: Cheese & accoutrements
  • Marianne: Baked brie in puff pastry; Riesling wine
  • Shelley: End-All chocolate rolled cookies; beer
  • Shirley: Quiche bites; either sausage rolls or a baked dessert
  • Rachel: Spanish tortilla
  • Meredith: Assorted petit fours
  • Kathleen: Pellegrino; mineral water; fruit
  • Annie: Cheddar, Chutney & Chives; another savory app


  • 4 bottles Champagne or Prosecco
  • Honey
  • Savory hors doeuvres

The menu and program will be updated here as plans progress.

So the party this year will be a luxurious British-style tea… a little afternoon tea meets high tea. I think Jane Austen would approve! A variety of wonderful teas will be served with tea-friendly fare, desserts and wine.I’ll provide the tea and cucumber sandwiches – along with some wheat/gluten free bites… some cheese and fruit…You bring bite-sized finger food appetizers or petit fours/teacakes/etc. that complement tea.

For the imbibers: Please bring a bottle or a half-bottle of your favorite inexpensive wine so we can have a wine tasting! If you drink wine, bring some, if you don’t, don’t.Address will be emailed to members closer to the event.
The directions are very simple. I’ll give my phone number, too.I will have champagne cocktail “punch” and a non alcoholic sicilian blood orange, raspberries, satsuma, etc punch, n/a sparkling cider. I will have diff tea pots of hot water for a large variety of black, flavored, green, white, red, herbal, fruit teas – your choice. Tea cups. Sugar. Cream. Milk. Coconut milk creamer for those like me who have cholesterol issues or don’t eat dairy! Lemon for those who take their tea with lemon!

Looking for items to complement TEA and WINE.Will have tea trays and tiers for small tea sized items like a tea house for afternoon tea.Looking for finger food, easy to heat, no crock pots, nothing to cook when you get here type food. Obviously heating up is fine but please don’t bring frozen uncooked things. Huge items.LOOKING FOR:
Afternoon tea fare. Some savory high tea BITES.Looking for julienne thin sliced raw veggies for veggies crudités. Carrots, zucchini, red peppers, etcFruit salad or some fruit for the cheese plate. ?

Any tea cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes please!?!!! If a baker or two wanted to make pretty little tea cakes/mini cup cakes that would be wonderful.

Tea fare items you dream up!!! What are YOU thinking??!! Please give me an idea so I can plan accordingly when I organize the kitchen.

Lemon curd?
Or strawberry jam!!! (bonne maman)
Clotted cream or a fresh whipped cream for scones!

Cookies for tea?

Hors dourves or mini tapas — !!!!!!!!! finger food, easy to eat, bite sized mini apps (SAVORY) meat, fish, veggie, dairy whatever … Roasted veggies?! Mini meat/protein bites?


  1. I will most likely be on a plane to France (via London for a couple of days on either end of the trip!!!) that evening. I am sorry I will miss the party, but Charlotte, I’m sure, would love to attend! (-:

    • It won’t be the same without you, Isabelle! 😦 Enjoy France, and London.

  2. My dear Rebecca,

    I received word, through various means, that you are to host a party at Christmas . And now I see I have received your delightful invitation through the post. Please be assured that I will be very happy to attend, and I shall bring with me End-All chocolate rolled cookies and will let you know at a later date what else I shall bring. I plan to arrive by carriage and hope very much not to be delayed by bad weather. I spent a delightful time at Glastonbury Abbey the other day and you were surely missed by all.

    I am very affectionately yours,
    S. Wheeler-Carreiro

    • I’m so glad we’ll get to see you again, Shelley! And I’ll be excited to try those cookies.

    • Delightful comment Shelley!

  3. Shelley! Thank you for the wonderful reply. I apologize I’ve been remiss in my duties and have only just seen your RSVP this evening. Looking forward to your presence at the party and your chocolates sound delightful! I sent you a Facebook message with directions. Thank you! Rebecca

  4. Sorry for the late response but I would love to go to the holiday party on December 8. I can bring anything you still need food-wise (fruit,vegtables, bite size treats or desert) just let me know what is most needed. Can you sent me the address and food choice. Thank you Kathleen Martin

    • Hi Kathleen what’s your email? We need 2-3 bottles pellegrino and a still mineral water. Would you mind bringing that? It would be great! Unless you have your heart set on food… I know you have a long drive. I’ll email
      You directions. Remember it’s 3 South not 3 North 🙂

  5. Hi… Rachel is making a cool “tortila” from Spain which I can’t describe accurately except it looks sort of like a frittata with meats/veggies… A great addition to quiche and all other dishes and a white wine I think.

  6. Hey great news… Shelley and Erin are coming! Corrie is making some tea cakes most likely but if anyone wants to make or pick up from a favorite bakery of theirs (if they haven’t thought of something to bring yet?) … Some mini tea cakes – variety is great with afternoon tea!

    • Are we in need of tea cakes? I can make madeleines as my second dish, in addition to quiche.

      • Madeleine’s if you feel like it are wonderful! It will feel very proustian!

  7. I have some pretty, simple tea cake stands.. A couple white ones, a light/medium blue and white one, a light/medium green and white one.

    If anyone feels moved to … For those with cars … And you have a fairly nice tea cake stands – feel free to bring one … I may break down and look for some disposable ones at home goods…. I’m not sure my stands will hold everything. I do have plenty of cute eclectic dishes and bowls tho.

    My millionth dental appointment took up my day off prep time so I’m on the T trying to race home and get all the cleaning done so I can spend fri decorating (my favorite part) and burning the Xmas music CDs (yes, I made a mix – ha ha) so I can just focus on making the sandwiches and antipasto on sat morning and mixing the drinks sat afternoon;)

    • I have 2 glass cake stands, a full size and a small one, and will bring them both.

      From my Android phone

      • Thank you that is so great! If its Norma big pain to lug them here!

    • Besides my rolled cookies, I will bring some beer. Hmm…doesn’t sound that appetizing – cookies and beer.
      Do you also still need clotted cream and/or the Devon double cream or the strawberry jam?
      Erin and I are really looking forward to this Christmas treat!

      • Thank you for bringing beer – that is a terrific addition to a British party really! The rolled cookies sound so good! We would love devon cream! I can pick up the strawberry jam. Thanks!!

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t see this until after I sent my other reply 😦
        I will get the Devon cream then!

  8. I will also bring the drinks you request as well. Kathleen

    • Thank you Kathleen that sounds perfect! Drinks and fruit! Love it!! Will email you the directions. 🙂


    Party time changed per majority wishes.

    3:45 to 9:00 PM

    3:45 to 9:00 PM

    3:45 to 9:00 PM

    3:45 to 9:00 PM

    If you can’t come till later please come when you want – whatever works best for your schedule! Also please leave when it works best for you – the time is just a range to go by. It’s a drop in open house.

    The tea and tea food, etc will begin around 5:00 or so depending on how many people are there and tea treats have arrived. There will be food and cocktails and punch and soft drinks throughout the whole day and evening. The events will probably happen after 6ish. There’s no fixed structure but if you want the full experience of the tea then coming by 5 or so would be advised.

    IF YOU NEED A RIDE please let a member or myself know – carpooling is frequent at austen in Boston.

    Any questions

    • Do you need the clotted cream, double Devon cream, strawberry jam? I will bring those if you still need them?

      • Don’t worry about it of its trouble or over the budget you had for the items:)

      • Hi – Rebecca – I picked up the double Devon cream. Erin is bringing two bottles of champagne or Prosecco. See you soon!


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