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“Saturday 11th. A fine October morning…..The colours of the mountains soft and rich, with orange fern-the Cattle pasturing upon the hill-tops Kites sailing in the sky above our heads-Sheep bleating and in lines and chains and patterns scattered over the mountains. They come down and feed on the little green islands in the beds of the torrents and so may be swept away…Look down the brook and see the drops rise upwards and sparkle in the air, at the little falls the higher sparkles the tallest”.(44) -From the Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth 2nd Ed. edited by Mary Moorman

Happy Bday Sharon Lathan!!!

Sudbury Hall in Derbyshire framed by the beautiful British countryside

“The Children were delighted with your letters, as I fancy they will tell you themselves before this is concluded”. -JA to Cassandra Austen 6/19/1799

From Facebook:

59F in Boston! A huge welcome to Julie! 
Please check out her delightful and highly informative blog:….(I have been following it for a couple of years). I believe she also writes the Jane Austen House Museum blog.

“Everybody who comes to Southhampton finds it either their duty or pleasure to call upon us; Yesterday we were visited by the eldest Miss Cotterel, just arrived from Waltham”. -JA to Cassandra Austen 10/2/1808

“Your letter this morning was quite unexpected, & it is well that it brings such good news to counterbalance the disappointment to me of losing my first sentence, which I had arranged full of proper hopes about your Journey, intending to commit them to paper to day, & not looking for certainly till tomorrow”. -JA to Cassandra Austen 10/1/1808

A Chance to Live at Number 4 Sydney Place,Bath?

“…is it possible that she can not know how greatly superior an elegant simplicity is to the most studied apparel?” – Tenth Letter, Lesley Castle by Jane Austen

From “Emma Woodhouse” on Facebook and me:

I’d offer her sweet wine and olives for her nerves, a la Mrs. Jennings to Marianne Dashwood, but there really isn’t a cure for running into the Wickhams!
Gaahh! I ran into Mr. and Mrs. Wickham whilst shopping at Ford’s. I have never liked them and couldn’t get away fast enough. Even I would prefer the company of Miss Bates or Mr. Collins…no, wait, ….Mr. Collins?? what am I saying? I must be more rattled than I I thought! That’s what happens when you run into the Wickhams.
“…we four sweet Brothers & Sisters dine today at the Godmersham House. Is not that quite natural?-Grandmama & Miss Lloyd will be by themselves. I do not exactly know what they will have for dinner, very likely some pork…” -JA to Caroline Austen 3/2/1815 


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