Posted by: rearadmiral | October 29, 2012

Eye of the Storm

The JASNA MA meeting was well worth attending with Kara Schaff Dean and Sandy Lerner speaking. I was delighted to meet Charlene and Deborah! It was also a great delight to see and talk with Erin! Here’s a post from today’s JASNA MA main speaker, Kara Schaff Dean:

The word from JASNA-Eastern PA is the rain is a mere trifle…Here’s my response “We hope it is only abit of mizzle! “….when, because it began to mizzle, he darted away with so much gallantry, and borrowed two umbrellas for us from Farmer Mitchell’s….”-Emma

“The letter which I have this moment received from you has diverted me beyond moderation. I could die of laughter at it, as they used to say at school. You are indeed the finest comic writer of the present ago”. JA to Cassandra Austen 9/1/1796

Jane Austen quote of the week: ‘Fanny and I are to go on with Modern Europe together but hitherto have advanced only 25 pages.’ – Letter to Cassandra Austen, 23rd September 1813.

“She has the comfort moreover of being confined in such weather as gives one little temptation to be out. It is really too bad, & has been too bad for a long time, much worse than anybody can bear, & I begin to think it will never be fine again”. -JA to James-Edward Austen 7/9/1816


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