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My Dear Sophy free today and tomorrow/Falling Timbers

So the big news is… My Dear Sophy is FREE on Kindle for Friday and Saturday! Download your copy now and please share widely!

My Dear Sophy
Sophy Wentworth loves her life in sleepy Milverton… Twenty-three year old Sophia Wentworth lives a quiet life in the small country town of Milverton. Here she helps her Papa, the

“Having just finished the first volume of les Veillees du Chateau, I think it a good opportunity for beginning a letter to you while my mind is stored with Ideas worth transmitting…..We have had a dreadful storm of wind in the forepast of this day, which has done a great deal of mischeif among our trees.-I was sitting alone in the dining room, when an odd kind of crash startled me-in a moment afterwards it was repeated; I then went to the window, which I reached just in time to see the last of our two highly valued Elms descend into the sweep!!!!!” -JA to Cassandra Austen 11/8-9/1800 (tune in tomorrow for more descriptions of downed trees)

“The other, which had fallen I suppose in the first crash, & which was the nearest to the pond, taking a more easterly direction sunk amongst our screen of Chesnuts & firs, knocking down one spruce fir, beating off the head of another, & stripping the two corner chesnuts of several branches, in its fall.-This is not all-“. JA to Cassandra Austen 11/8-9/1800

The New Forest in Hampshire looking mystically misty

“….I am full of joy at much of your information; that you should have been to a ball, & have danced at it, & supped with the Prince, & that you should meditate the purchase of a new muslin Gown are delightful circumstances….I wish you a merry Christmas, but no compliments of the Season”. -JA to Cassandra Austen Dec 25, 1798


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