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How do you do? & how is Harriot’s cold?-I hope you are at this time sitting down to answer these questions.-Our visit to Eastwell was very agreable…Her eloquence lies in her fingers; they were most fluently harmonious.-George is a fine boy, & well behaved, but Daniel cheifly delighted me; the good humour of his countenance is quite bewitching”. -JA to Cassandra Austen 8/24/1805….This letter can been seen at the Amy Lowell Collection show at Harvard’s Houghton Library. I have seen it once and plan to go back before the show ends in mid-January. 

“At the opening of his chapter on Emma, John Wiltshire deftly summarizes the oddly responsive quality of the book: ‘There is hardly a critic who, once having entered the close and intricate world the novel constructs, has not found it hospitable to a coherent and plausible reading, or who has not found something new and interesting to observe in Highbury’ “-Approaches to Teaching Austen’s Emma Edited by Marcia McClintock Folsom ….”Jane Austen and the Body: “The Picture of Health”-John Wiltshire

“You distress me cruelly by your request about Books; I cannot think of any to bring with me, nor have I any idea of our wanting them. I come to you to be talked to, not to read or hear reading. I can do that(underlined) at home; & indeed I am now laying in a stock of intelligence to pour out on you as my share(underlined) of Conversation.-I am reading Henry’s History of England, which I will repe

at to you in any manner you may prefer, either in a loose, disultary, unconnected strain, or dividing my recital as the Historian divides it himself, into seven parts(Admin: Each part is listed)…..So that for every evening of the week there will be a different subject; The friday’s lot, Commerce, Coin & Shipping, You will find the least entertaining; but the next Eveng:’s portion will make amends(Admin:Manners)”. JA to Martha Lloyd 11/12/1800

From 11/14 Jane Austen’s House Museum status:

It is a truly beautiful, sunny day here today. The garden is a little suntrap. On my way over from Winchester the colours of the trees at the side of the road were enough to make you cry at their beauty.



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