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Happy Bday to Brendan Coyle!!!!

Books as Children

Happy Bday to Brendan Coyle!!!!!!

“Pray do not forget to go to the Canterbury Ball. I shall despise you all most insufferably if you do….I have placed my spies at different places that they may collect the more; & by so doing, by sending Miss Bigg to the Townhall itself, & posting my Mother at Steventon I hope to derive from their various observations a good general idea of the whole..” -JA to Cassandra Austen Dec. 1, 1800

“Luckily, Austen scholarship has come a long way since 1917, when Reginald Farrer praised the ‘hermetically sealed’ worlds of Austen’s fictions as ‘always concerned only with the universal, and not with the particular’. Austen, rejoiced Farrer, ‘can never be out of date, because she never was in any particular date’ “. (pg 7) -“Matters of Fact in Jane Austen: History, Location, and Celebrity” by Janine Barchas

From yesterday:

Happy Bday Jeremy Northam!!!



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