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Boston Tea Party

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Jane Austen’s House Museum Director interviewed at the 36:00..

Jane Austen quote of the week: ‘I am sorry to say that I could not eat a mince pie at Mr Papillion’s; I was rather head achey that day.‘ Letter to Cassandra Austen, 29th January 1813


“Mr. George Knightley

“You might not see one in a hundred with gentleman so plainly written as in Mr. Knightley.”

You’re looking for the complete package: a man with brains, good looks, a great job, perfect manners and a sizeable fortune 

to boot. Well, today’s your lucky day.

As Highbury’s wealthiest landowner and all-around great guy, Mr. Knightley is what your mother meant by “a good catch.” He’s a “sensible man” with a “cheerful manner” who loves his family and friends and has no patience for vanity or drama. Direct, down-to-earth and happily duty-bound, he proves time and again that chivalry is alive and well. He’s a reluctant dancer but an astute judge of character and a trustworthy confidant. Overt displays of emotion or affection aren’t exactly his thing, but you couldn’t ask for a more caring or thoughtful friend.

No one’s perfect, so you’ll have to work through disagreements now and then (usually over something you’ve said or done). But, if you can get over his being right most of the time, you two should enjoy a fine life together indeed.”



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