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Summer Solstice Eve

A ‘Write your own caption moment’- Emma Here’s mine: Jane wanted to ask…”Did you fashion your hat from a bee keeper?”
Parisian Open House – come sample yummy macarons, sweet petite fours and Paris Tea!

August 4 at 1:00pm
12 people are going
‘Persuasion’ is the Classic You Must Read (Or Re-Read) This Summer
The first in PolicyMic’s new series that looks at the favorite books of contributors. First up? Jane Austen’s “Persuasion.”
Happy birthday, Grigg! (Hugh Dancy – June 19, 1975)
Saturday, June 22nd at 7pm  826 Benefit: Dead Authors Hosted by Rob Crean With Jenny Zigrino, Steve Macone, and Langston Kerman You didn’t think we could do it, but we did—we teamed up with 826 to bring literary legends back from the dead. Our host Kurt Vonnegut will be in conversation with Virginia Woolf, Henry David Thoreau and whoever else we can dig up (as portrayed by Boston comedy all-stars such as Rob Crean, Jenny Zigrino, Steve Macone, and Langston Kerman). Join us 6 feet under (in our downstairs Readers & Writers Room) at this benefit for 826 Boston, the youth tutoring and writing center in Egleston Square. Brookline Booksmith 279 Harvard St., Brookline – See more at:
JaneActually (@JaneActually) tweeted at 8:09 PM on Tue, Jun 18, 2013: #AskJaneAusten Did you really coin all those phrases now in common use? (
Ok, now I’m excited…. Penelope Keith is returning to television to play Mr Darcy’s aunt for the BBC, she will play Lady Catherine de Bourgh in Death Comes to Pemberley.
Penelope Keith returns to television
Penelope Keith is returning to television to play Mr Darcy’s aunt for the BBC, she will play Lady Catherine de Bourgh in Death Comes to Pemberley.
From the 

Elizabeth Gaskell Appreciation Page‘s status.

Life Lessons Learned from North and South: Sometimes a simple handshake can be as thrilling as an embrace. Never spend the afternoon ironing when you are expecting visitors the same evening. Speculating is only successful if you’re not a nice person. Stew is a much underrated dish. You can bring back marmosets from Mozambique. Whenever your train stops at a station- get off- just in case! You don’t need Henry to explain. If you are interested in a man, offer to invest in his company. People bringing you baskets of any description is not a good sign. Neither is coughing. Or saying that you feel ‘years younger’. Telling someone you wish to marry them because you love them is more effective when you’re not shouting and chasing them round a table. Don’t hang visitor’s coats and hats on hallstands- their presence may upset other visitors. Bracelets are a handy item to attract a person you’re probably determined to dislike. Be nice to your godfather- you never know when he might leave you all his money. You can never go back… unless it’s with a millowner heading up north to Milton. Beware of hating a man on first sight… you know you will always fall in love with him in the end. Beware of being in the presence of handsome men who remove their cravats. Your life will never be the same again. Never lie to a policeman- unless a magistrate’s in love with you and the officer suspects it. ALWAYS LOOK BACK. Be nice to cold, bossy women. One of them could end up as your mother-in-law. If you really want a man to cool his ardour, accepting his invitation to dinner and turning up in a tight green frock showing off all your charms to advantage isn’t the right way to go about it. Think carefully about making marriage proposals as a refusal often offends. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Victorian damsel, finding herself alone with a man to whom she is not related, must be in receipt of a marriage proposal within 90 seconds. If you value your health it’s always a risky proposition to accost a fugitive from justice when he’s trying to flee the country. Plaid trousers are never a good idea. Under any circumstances. Never assume a young lady discussing weddings at a wedding is hinting for a proposal. It is considered a bad form to pay a call when a riot is imminent. Always shake hands. Austentation Awhile back, people were asking about where to find the Pride and Prejudice poster. Good News! You can now purchase it from the Jane Austen Centre giftshop!!

What about the dual?(Irony, tomorrow 6/21, is David Morrissey’s bday(Col. Brandon S&S 08) 
Have you read Lady Susan? Scholar Marilyn Butler described the heroine of the Jane Austen tale as “a cruising shark in her social goldfish pond.” Yow!


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