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Happy Bday J. K. Rowling and Emilia Fox!

Happy Bday J. K. Rowling!! At this time last year, the only thing I knew about Harry Potter was that the mean cat was named Mrs. Norris(purrfect!!!). Thanks to a certain special someone, I was encouraged to read the first one. I have watched all of the series and read (and loved) the first two. -Kirk

 I agree with this review! -Kirk

The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton

As usual with Wharton, so well written(by my limited standards) and not a happy story with mostly unpleasant(at minimum..evil is another word) people. Indeed, the main character Undine Spragg is a Lady Susan type(as Sarah Emsley has written about and spoke about at JASNA MA). Those locally know how much a fan of Lady Susan I’m not!

3 regency teacups -Kirk

“Everyone deserves tea.” – Jane Bennet 


A five year old Edith Jones(later Wharton). No doubt planning her unhappy endings already! -Kirk

Emma gets some love from this interesting blog!


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