Posted by: rearadmiral | August 6, 2013

Happy Romola Day!!!!

Happy Bday to the best Emma!!!!!(ok, that’s one man’s opinion…) -Kirk
Happy Birthday to Romola Garai!! (August 6, 1982)
Emma -2009, Amazing Grace, Daniel Deronda, other movies

I enjoyed part one. Part two is next Sunday(I hate the wait!). The actress who plays Elinor sounds like Hattie Morahan. Wonderful! Hattie Morahan’s partner Blake Ritson(Mr Elton- Emma 09, Edmund Bertram-Mansfield Park 07) seems like abit of an odd choice for Col. Brandon. His voice, maybe because of his previous Austen roles, doesn’t convey the Colonel’s gravitas. Everyone else seemed excellent to my tin ears. The link below should be active to part one soon. The show will be repeated on Saturday. -Kirk

“No, no. You forced me into visiting him last year, and promised, if I went to see him, he should marry one of my daughters. But it ended in nothing, and I will not be sent on a fool’s errand again.” — Mr. Bennet, Pride and Prejudice.

It is ironic that the date on the post below was July 18th(2010, found while looking for something else). “About 2 sisters sharply dissonant from one another…”


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