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Happy Bday Sarah Emsley and Ozias Humphry

Happy Bday Sarah Emsley!!!!

Happy Bday Ozias Humphry, painter of Jane Austen!

“I had a very pleasant evening, however, though you will probably find out that there was no particular reason for it; but I do not think it worth while to wait for enjoyment until there is some real opportunity for it.”

~Jane Austen in a letter to her sister (1799)

“One is never able to complete anything in the way of business, you know, till the carriage is at the door” – Sanditon

“She denied none of it aloud, and agreed to none of it in private” -Emma

“Catherine’s original gothic fantasies about General Tilney represent a garbling of the truth, rather than a complete delusion”. -“Those Elegant Decorums” by Jane Nardin

I love the split images in this video! I don’t care for the singer but it’s not a terrible song….

That man can read!

A current ode to Tea!

#Review #Books Afternoon “Tea with Jane Austen” : “No coffee, I thank you, for me—never take coffee. A little tea if you please” – Emma

“Those Elegant Decorums: The concept of propriety in Jane Austen’s novels” by Jane Nardin

An excellent but slow read. Over my head certainly but many interesting points. I had a difficult time starting with this book, but as the best reader of Austen locally that I know of give this book 5 stars on Goodreads, I continued. I’m glad I did.

I deeply appreciate that Prof. Nardin gives Marianne Dashwood a fair hearing. Even says that Marianne was right on some things that Elinor was not(while I do love Elinor, the love is not the same). As a card carrying member of Team Marianne, that alone was worth reading the book. I feel(lol!) that most critics can’t wait to slam Marianne as being too this or that. And for those of us who love Marianne…the “too” is part of the love! Pg 35: “The difference in the accuracy of their ideas is not great and the point is clearly made that Elinor’s methods have their own serious drawbacks”. Now, to find some dead leaves to play in!

4 Regency Teacups

Mansfield Park 1983
I watched this one on YouTube, since the library network sent MP 1999 instead of the requested MP 1983. Grrrr! At least they sent the requested Amazing Grace! There’s a wonderful tie in with MP 1983 that I’ll mention below.

This MP is far and away the best of the bunch. No need to make another one! Fanny(Sylvestra Le Tourzel-Mrs. Allen NA2007) and Edmund(Nicholas Farrell-Mr. Musgrove Persuasion 2007) seem to be played correctly and with feeling. The supporting cast is excellent for the most part. Samantha Bond as Maria was just wow. Bernard Hepton as Sir Thomas was nuanced. I agree with the review below about Lady Bertram. I think she was on a bad acid trip…or something bizarre! The review below says Henry Crawford was miscast but I could care less. That evil and foul ……

Added bonus, 10 year old Jonny Lee Miller makes a brief appearance as one of Fanny’s younger brothers!!!

Sylvestra(what an intesting name) and Nicholas play the matchmaking couple Henry and Marianne Thornton in Amazing Grace. As I watched Amazing Grace right after MP, I loved seeing them again as mature couple.

4 regency teacups!

I agree with the review below, except about P&P 1980. That Darcy is so awful and stilted. -Kirk


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Malvern Hall, Warwickshire 1809 Oil on Canvas. Commissioned by Henry Greswolde Lewis (1754–1829)


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