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“The tea!-the tea!-the wholesome tea! The black, the green, the mix’d, the good, the strong Bohea!…For it’s good for the nerves, and warms my heart, And from it I will never part…And death, whenever he comes to me, Will find me-drinking a good strong cup of tea. -from the early 19th-century song, “The Tea” quoted in “Tea with Jane Austen” by Kim Wilson pg. 55

From Shirley:

I propose a future Austen in Boston meeting over afternoon tea at Fancy That. Want to know more? Read my review of Fancy That in today’s Globe South:

“As we turn the well-thumbed pages of our Pride and Prejudice paperbacks, perhaps, unconsciously, we Janeites are looking for ourselves. But in the community of fandom, we find each other”. pg 227 “Among the Janeites” by Deborah Yaffe

“I am sorry to hear that there has been a rise in tea. I do not mean to pay Twining till later in the day, when we may order a fresh supply” – JA to Cassandra Austen 3/6/1814 quoted in “Tea with Jane Austen” by Kim Wilson pg 30

“We are to walk about your gardens, and gather the strawberries ourselves, and sit under trees; -and whatever else you may like to provide, it is to be all out of doors-a table spread in the shade, you know. Every thing as natural and simple as possible.” – Mrs. Elton in Emma quoted in “Tea with Jane Austen” by Kim Wilson pg 37

“No Coffee I thank you, for me-never take coffee. A little tea if you please” -Emma quoted from “Tea with Jane Austen” by Kim Wilson backcover

A tasty quiz!

Thank you Drunk Austen for finding this one! Anne gets some love!

P&P is item #2 on the list. There is a major error in the post.

“She then proceeded to a Pastry-cook’s where she devoured six ices, refused to pay for them, knocked down the Pastry Cook & walked away” – The Beautifull Cassandra,” written by Jane Austen as a young girl quoted from “Tea with Jane Austen” by Kim Wilson pg 32

From 9/26:

Happy Bday to Edmund Gwenn (b.1875, perhaps the oldest Austen actor?) and Talulah Riley(!!! b.1985 one of the youngest Austen actors)

“At 9 o’clock she made breakfast-that was her part of the household work-The tea and sugar stores were under her charge” – My Aunt Jane Austen by Caroline Austen quoted from “Tea with Jane Austen” by Kim Wilson

Why isn’t #JaneAusten insane? In my book, I mean
Has anyone read this author? Any good? Thank you Erica for the link!

From Tuesday:
Happy Bday Kimberley Nixon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Jane Austen House Museum:
We are pleased to announce that our campaign to raise funds to purchase the gold and turquoise ring, once owned by Jane Austen has been successful. Our offer to buy the ring from singer Kelly Clarkson has been accepted.
We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated to the appeal.
“Like the members of any tribe, we Janeites don’t always see eye to eye, whether it’s about zombie mash-up or Regency dress-up. But maybe the diversity of the fandom suggests something hopeful about the possibility of human connection. Beyond our passion for Austen, what most obviously unites our disparate group is something we have in common with the members of every subculture- of every culture, really: the desire to share with other human beings the things that bring us joy”. -pg 226 “Among the Janeites” by Deborah Yaffe
“Among The Janeites: A Journey Through The World of Jane Austen Fandom” by Deborah Yaffe

A quick and delightful trip! I enjoyed reading the backstories of some people I have read about or enjoyed their works. Lol, there are some mentioned who I already disliked and still dislike just as much. 

Chapter Five was a particular delight. Professor Devoney Looser seems worthy of being in a novel. Although I gave up on Sandy Lerner’s “Second Impressions” after about 70 pages, the chapter about her was fascinating. Of less interest to me, being unfashionable and mostly uninterested, was the ongoing story of the gown for the JASNA AGM.

4 Regency teacups!



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