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Cupcakes and a passion for dead leaves

Teatime cupcakes with vanilla pumpkin spice…perfect for fall! Shared from Great British Tea Party here’s the recipe:

Paula Bryne(“The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things) gives her seal of approval for Joanna Trollope’s Sense and Sensibility!!!
Good Morning Anglophiles! How would you like to wake up in King Henry VIII’s manor? Westenhanger Manor, once owned by the famous monarch has been put up for sale for £2.6 million! This manor was once used to entertain guests…including mistresses! Henry exchanged the manor in 1523 for other lands with Sir Edward Poynings, who served as a diplomat under Henry VII. Now….how to scrounge up 2.6mil??
“She grows up in Mansfield Park, manipulated by her aunt Norris, perhaps the most wicked of Jane Austen’s characters, and subjected to the indolence of her aunt Bertram. Sir Thomas Bertram, who has spoiled and neglected his own children, absents himself from Fanny’s care, and only comes to value her after the family’s ruin. Fanny’s cousin Edmund does show a few small kindnesses, but mostly Fanny struggles with the role of the poor relation. While not a true orphan, she takes on an orphan’s burden: she is bereft, unloved, and dull. Her voice, in fact, can scarcely be heard in the first part of Mansfield Park”. 

Carol Shields Introduction to The Modern Library edition of Mansfield Park

“On her return to Crankhumdunberry(of which sweet village her father was Rector) Charlotte was received with the greatest Joy by Frederic & Elfrida, who, after pressing her alternately to their Bosoms, proposed to her to take a walk in a Grove of Poplars which led from the Parsonage to a verdant Lawn enamelled with a variety of variegated flowers & watered by a purling Stream, brought from the Valley of Tempe by a passage under ground”. – JA from “Frederic and Elfrida” in Volume the First
Members of this Region are enjoying beautiful fall weather. “It is not every one,” said Elinor, “who has your passion for dead leaves.”
At fifteen, appearances were mending; she began to curl her hair and long for balls; her complexion improved, her features were softened by plumpness and colour, her eyes gained more animation, and her figure more consequence.

— Northanger AbbeyJane Austen

The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen by Syrie James 

I decided to pick this one up after reading a positive review on Kirkus Reviews! I enjoyed it! A novel within a novel is a delight. I disagree with the review below about the modern story not being interesting. I would have had them abit more balanced. The “Jane Austen” story seemed too long for me at times. -Kirk

4.25 Regency Teacups

New blog post! What are your autumnal reads?
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