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Happy Bday Hugh! Making Masterpiece by Rebecca Eaton

Happy Bday Hugh!!!
Happy Birthday to Hugh Bonneville!! (November 10, 1963)
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This brilliant book is now available free on Kindle. Do check it out:
The Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:
“Nature & Spirit cover many sins of a wandering story.”
Letter to Anna August 10-18, 1814
Tea Smuggling | Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
Throughout the 1700s, consumers found ways to avoid the heavy taxes and duties levied on popular products. A complex network of smuggling brought untaxed
The Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:

“I liked my solitary elegance very much, & was ready to laugh all the time, at my being where I was.-I could not but feel I had naturally small right to be parading about London in a Barouche.-“
Letter to Cassandra May 24, 1813

The Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:

“I am trying to harden myself.- after all, what a trifle it is in all its Bearings, to the really important points of one’s existence even in this world!-“
Letter to her brother Frank September 25, 1813

Jane speaks of her fame here- If you have not already, I highly recommend reading this book. I do not know the author personally.

Jane’s Fame: How Jane Austen Conquered the World
Fancy That We are excited to host Bruce at our Shoppe on Friday December 6th. He will have a public book signing (open to the Public) from 2pm – 3pm. Bring your new title from Bruce “Social History of Tea” with you (or buy a copy at Fancy That) and have Bruce sign the Jane Austen Section! ! Thanks for sharing. 
“In 1994 the BBC proposed that we co-produce Jane Austen’s last book, Persuasion. It’s my favorite Austen, the quintessential second-chance love story……I thought our audience would go nuts with frustration and irritation if, after two hours of rooting for Anne and the captain and longing for their reunion, they couldn’t see them kiss. Never mind that in Jane Austen’s time, there never would have been such a public display of affection. I suggested that the captain and Anne could slip into the shadows behind a column or something and thereby avoid the wrath of the purists-the Jane Austen police”. -Rebecca Eaton “Making Masterpiece” pg108-109
“Fanny succeeds in the end partly because Austen has cleverly cleared the field for her. The two Bertram daughters are in disgrace. Aunt Norris has been sent packing. Mary Crawford has been exposed in her moral shallowness. Fanny’s uncle, Sir Thomas, humiliated and lost, requires the consolation of a daughter he can trust, and the ever faithful Fanny stands ready to assume that responsibility. Furthermore, Austen has put the reader in a near impossible situation, for if we underrate Fanny’s essential value, we put ourselves in the same camp as the Bertrams”. 

-Carol Shields introduction to The Modern Library Classics version of Mansfield Park

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“But Erin Delaney, one of our producers and a “smart girl” who had spent many hours of her early years marinating in Jane Austen, knew perfectly well that Jane had written only six books in her lifetime. Why not put them together on television and, for the very first time, air them all at once?
Why not, indeed? We took Erin’s advice and branded those six weeks ‘The Complete Jane Austen’. We joined up with the Jane Austen Society of North America(JASNA) to get the word out, and a more fervent and messianic group of English majors you’ve never met. Did you know that JASNA has 4,500 members and a huge database? Neither did we.” -Rebecca Eaton “Making Masterpiece”
“Making Masterpiece” by Rebecca Eaton

Being a Masterpiece fan since way back when, I was really looking forward to this book when I heard about it. I went to GBH Tuesday for a talk about it and a book signing(alas, not able to buy it). On Wednesday, the book arrived from the library!! Timing! I was not disappointed. As with a great Masterpiece program, this book took me on an highly interesting journey interweaving Rebecca Eaton’s life and the life of Masterpiece. I especially enjoyed that when Masterpiece’s fortunes were at a low ebb, who saved the day but Jane Austen!!!!!! 

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