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The Marriage Plot

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Re-reading the brilliant Jeffrey Eugenides ‘The Marriage Plot’. Alongside Barthes, ‘A Lover’s Discourse’!

Elinor’s happiness was not so great. Her heart was not so much at ease, nor her satisfaction in their amusements so pure. They afforded her no companion that could make amends for what she had left behind, nor that could teach her to think of Norland with less regret than ever.

— Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen

The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman 

I first heard about this book a couple of weeks ago thanks to a twitter comment from Deborah Yaffe, author of Among the Janeites: A Journey Through the World of Jane Austen Fandom 

This is a modern Sense and Sensibility inspired novel, with some very un-Austen events. Whenever Jess(Marianne-full name Jessamine) was on stage, I loved this novel. Whenevershe wasn’t on stage, I waited and read impatiently for her return. We learn alot about George(Colonel Brandon), most of it not so good, in my view. For those who have a problem with age gaps, this book is not for you! Emily’s(Elinor) story is not something I really enjoyed. 3 Regency Teacups -Kirk

For further reading:–-a-review/

Another one:

This movie is based on a short story – not by Jane Austen and it does not take place during the Regency Period but it is still in the 1800’s and it is ADORABLE!!!! It is actually based on a short story by Louisa May Alcott and it takes place during the Victorian Period. It is season appropriate and you can find it on the Hallmark channel. The movie is called AN OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS. It’s very cute and just endearing enough if you want to get into the Holiday spirit!

Other short stories from Louisa May Alcott available here for your reading pleasure:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jonny Lee Miller!! (November 15, 1972)
Emma ~2009, Mansfield Park ~1999, other movies
Photo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jonny Lee Miller!! (November 15, 1972)
 Emma ~2009, Mansfield Park ~1999, other movies
“My present Elegancies have not yet made me indifferent to such Matters. I am still a Cat if I see a Mouse.” #JaneAusten’s Letters, 23 Sept 1813
Surprise, surprise I love the English Rose Tea!!! (the fact that Lady Sybil is front and center on the tin has nothing to do with….errr…ummm…well) -Kirk 

Sip like the Crawleys!

Posted by The Minister of Ceremonies and Philanthropy
As the year winds down, one thing’s for certain, the arrival of Downton Abbey’s highly anticipated fourth season can’t come soon enough! For all of those Downton Abbey fans and Citizens, what better way to prepare than with a spot of all-natural premium Downton Abbey tea?

The Republic of Tea is excited to offer tea drinkers everywhere the opportuniTEA to sip like a Crawley with a collection of Downton Abbey teas. Each of these all natural calorie-free, gluten-free teas are inspired by the award-winning TV series that has entranced millions of viewers and become a global phenomenon. The three delicious flavors are: English Rose Tea, Downton Estate Blend and Grantham Breakfast Blend. Each tea blends a delightful assortment of premium tea with all-natural flavors that are ideal for friends to enjoy at Downton-themed premiere parties, get togethers, celebrations and more.

The first tea to launch in the collection is English Rose. This vibrant, ruby-red infusion of rose, raspberry and hibiscus has fruity, floral notes and a touch of sweetness. Inspired by traditional British desserts, this caffeine-free luscious tea is perfect for an afternoon treat.

English Rose Tea retails for $12.00 through the company website, mail-order catalogue and by calling 800.298.4TEA (4832). Grantham Breakfast Blend will be available for purchase nationwide in December and the Downton Estate blend will be sold exclusively at Cost Plus World Market in December.

The sipping doesn’t stop there! Citizens can also sip with sophistication with an assortment of new sipware pieces, also inspired by the popular PBS drama. Enjoy your favorite tea from the elegant Flora and Fauna Tea Cup and Saucer, Flora and Fauna Teapot or Brown Betty Teapot (made in England).

Be sure to stay tuned on the Tea Blog for additional updates on the new Downton Abbey tea collection and sipware!

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Sense and Sensibility – Elinor and Edward – River Flows In You (HD)
Elinor Dashwood and Edward Ferrars Sense and Sensibility 2008 Watch and comment …
Thank you Halifax!!!

Halifax sends Christmas tree and support to Boston victims – Canadian Running Magazine
Halifax is showing their support for the victims and survivors of the Boston marathon bombing. Each year, the City of Halifax donates a giant Christmas
Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trollope

Review from the desk of Admiral Croft:
It won’t set the Thames on fire, but there’s seems no harm in it! 3.25 anchors

Thank you Adm Croft! Please see reviews at Margaret C. Sullivan Among the Janeites: A Journey Through the World of Jane Austen Fandom by Deborah Yaffe and at by Sarah Seltzer

Happy Bday Anne Hathaway!!!
-Che sta facendo?
-Non si può porre rimedio?

Becoming Jane  — with Hëwlêshèlmz Evanchxhing Sampaco.

Photo: -Che sta facendo?
-Non si può porre rimedio?

Becoming Jane <3

Update 12: Great News! We are moving forward with our film! · Jane Austen: Overcoming Pride &…
Hello Friends, I am delighted to tell you that despite us not reaching all of our Kickstarter goal, a long standing supporter of Sue Pomeroy and Studio Soho, the producers of our main feature 

How to make a Jane Austen reboot that’s actually good
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