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Post British Bash Blues

“Strictly speaking, Emma falls outside the compass of this book. A land-locked story, it has no naval content whatsoever. Idyllic and pastoral, its mood of high comedy and good humour is as far from the shadows of war as could be. Coming as it does between MP and Persuasion, Emma can be regarded as an interlude, a playful interruption the naval sequence, a gentle teasing of the sailor brothers with a heroine who has never glimpsed the sea…” -Brian Southam, “Jane Austen and the Navy” Pg 247

Thank you Austenesque Reviews for comparing Elizabeth Bennet to Lady Sybil!!!!!!! So love love love that! -Kirk

Mrs Bennet and Emma would get along just fine, don’t you think? 

Thanks Maria Raquel for the awesome idea!

Photo: Mrs Bennet and Emma would get along just fine, don't you think? ;)

Thanks Maria Raquel for the awesome idea!

Pride and Prejudice: The Scenes Jane Austen Never Wrote
What did Mr. Darcy think when he first saw Elizabeth Bennet? How did Miss Bingley talk her brother out of proposing to Jane Bennet? And how did Lady Catherine de Bourgh find out Mr. Darcy was on the verge of proposing to Elizabeth? 25 authors of Austen-inspired fiction decided to answer these que…
Love love love this!!! 

Dear Joanna Trollope,

Read and enjoy!

With no love,

Jane Austen and the Navy by Brian Southam

The chapters on MP, Persuasion, and that Navy Classic Emma(!!) were excellent. The chapters on the politics of the navy less so. Horatio Hornblower fans will enjoy the multiple references to his mentor Sir Edward Pellew! (Fun Fact: Robert Lindsay’s bday is 12/9. I can’t think of anyone else in the role of Pellew). The Popham Poem chapter, I felt becalmed. Actually, I was becalmed while reading it..twice….at least dozed.

4 Anchors!

“There are few more artful plot-wrights than Austen. It is hard for her fans to remember their first readings of the novels, because they know them so well. ‘Janeites’, as her devout followers are called, take it on themselves to re-read the six novels every year like holy writ” – John Sutherland “A Little History of Literature” pg 106
Happy Bday Gemma Jones!!!

“….as her stories were tried out first on her family….who heard their clever young Jane read ‘First Impressions’, the early version of the novel published years later, in 1813, as Pride and Prejudice. (The action is set fifteen years before its publication date.) One would give a lot to know what the Revd George Austen and Mrs Austen made of Mr and Mrs Bennet – characters depicted in a not entirely sympathetic light in their daughter’s narrative. Probably they chuckled, if a little nervously” -John Sutherland “A Little History of Literature” pg102
The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and Diaries Quotes by Emma Thompson
26 quotes from The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and Diaries: Bringing Jane Austen’s Novel to Film: ‘Can he love her? Can the soul really be satisfied…
The Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:
“but yet I am so very much disappointed & vexed by the delays of the Printers that I cannot help begging to know whether there is no hope of their being quickened. Instead of the Work being ready by the end of the present month, it will hardly, at the rate we now proceed, be finished by the end of the next,”
Letter to her publisher Mr. Murray November 23, 1815

Jane Austen’s Poetry by Syrie James
I spent Thanksgiving week at home resting up from an injury, surrounded by people I love, while cooking, baking, and enjoying good food–reminding me every minute just how much I have to be gratefu…
I would far rather have two or three lilies of the valley gathered for me by a person I like than the most expensive bouquet that could be bought!

— Wives and Daughters, Elizabeth Gaskell

Photo: I would far rather have two or three lilies of the valley gathered for me by a person I like than the most expensive bouquet that could be bought!

-- Wives and Daughters, Elizabeth Gaskell
Teaching, watching, dreaming Jane Austen’s novels: a course proposal, JA first half; returning to Emma & movies; 3 Weissmans are diasporic trio too.

 “Re-reading Emma, or a Dickens novel, in middle age, we are surprised and delighted to find much more in it than what when we read it at school. A great work of literature continues giving at whatever point in life you read it, and from whatever sources it comes from”. -John Sutherland “A Little History of Literature” pg 5
“Having half an hour before breakfast—(very snug, in my own room, lovely morning, excellent fire, fancy me) I will give you some account of the last two days.” Jane Austen to Cassandra, Nov. 6, 1813
My response:
Are the shades of Austen actors….

Thank you Marilyn Brant for posting the info at Austen Authors!

Marilyn Brant
How did I not know this?! I just read an article about the casting of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and saw that Jennifer Ehle will play Anastasia’s mother… Did you all discuss this here already? I feel so out of the pop-culture loop, LOL! I was just talking about our favorite Austen actors playing in other roles on the AuAu blog last week, but no one had mentioned this recent development to me, so maybe it’s news to some of you, too. Here’s the article:



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