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Jane Austen Cruise Ship and other delights….

Book Review: Emma by Jane Austen – Snuggly Oranges
I have a bit of a rocky relationship with classics. Basically, we rarely get along. Mostly it’s just because I was forced to read many classics in grade school and the simple act of being forced to go through books I was not ready to read and analyze made…

A delightful little book by a local author. Found this gem on Goodreads via Laurel of Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog.

crescent of the day – Early afternoon.
The Clifton scheme had been deferred, not relinquished, and the afternoon’s Crescent of this day, it was brought forward again.
-Northanger Abbey

4 out of 5 Regency Teacups

Another great find from JASNA Iowa!

MS Jane Austen Cruise Ship | Riviera Travel
Experience one of our unforgettable cruises aboard the MS Jane Austen – find out more about the ship you will travel on, and the facilities on board.
The music room at West Wycombe Park

West Wycombe Park is the seat of the Dashwood Baronets. Though given to The National Trust in 1943, it continues to be the residence of the Dashwood Family.


An interesting post from Kate of A Chorus to This History!

Northanger Abbey: An Annotated Edition, by Jane Austen, edited by Susan J. Wolfson – A Review
From the desk of Laurel Ann Nattress: Harvard University Press is seriously spoiling me. With the release of Northanger Abbey: An Annotated Edition, they have now produced four glitzy coffee…

Besides Mansfield Park every morning at 9am eastern, BBC 4 has Jane’s Fame as the book of the week at 9:45am eastern. The shows are on demand for about a week!



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