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Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice and other items

Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice by Paula Bryne

4 out of 5 Regency Teacups!

With limited information available, this book gives a good overview of the time and persons listed in the title. Perhaps too much about the Lord Chief Justice and the actual conditions of slavery. Paula Byrne does an excellent job of working Jane Austen into the narrative. There is appendix concerning Mansfield Park and slavery. John Adams and Boston Patriots(not the football kind!) will be pleased to read that Mass. Tory Governor Thomas Hutchinson makes an appearance and shown by his diary as a very rude snob and vile creature. I wonder if the Lord Chief Justice and Thomas Hutchinson compared notes about having their houses ransacked by mobs. Alas, I returned the book to the library, so I don’t have any quotes from the book to share. -Kirk

All Things Jane Austen’s photo.

Would you like to read Mansfield Park in 3 volumes just like Jane Austen did? Unfortunately, you cannot touch the book but that is it. You can browse it each page of volume I here:

Via Jane Austen em Português

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#Georgiana – track #6 from #PrideandPrejudice Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“My sister. Miss Georgiana.” (Mr. Darcy)


“That’s actually her hands. She’s called Tamzin [Merchant]. And, again, this is the first film she’d ever been in, the first acting she’d ever done. I think she’s quite genuine, Tamzin. She’s a really honest person.” (#JoeWright)


You can hear “Georgiana” playing twice in the movie. One when Georgiana Darcy herself was playing parts of it in the pianoforte just before Lizzie and her aunt & uncle, the Gardiners came for a visit to meet her at Pemberley. The other, when Darcy and Bingley were rehearsing near a pond outside the Bennet’s home at Longbourn for Bingley’s proposal to Miss Jane Bennet.

Yup, another 2007 NA post!

Northanger Abbey – To make you feel my love
Mrs Gaskell, as you’ve never seen her before, along with Miss Matty and the Cranford Ladies! Knutsford May Day Celebrations Saturday 3rd May 2014

Team Marianne!!!!!!!!!
–Marianne Dashwood, Sense and Sensbility

The Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:
The wonderful improvement which she still fancied in Mr. Crawford was the nearest to administering comfort of anything within the current of her thoughts. Not considering in how different a circle she had been just seeing him, nor how much might be owing to contrast, she was quite persuaded of his being astonishingly more gentle and regardful of others than formerly. And, if in little things, must it not be so in great? So anxious for her health and comfort, so very feeling as he now expressed himself, and really seemed, might not it be fairly supposed that he would not much longer persevere in a suit so distressing to her?
Mansfield Park Ch 42, (III,XI)

West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire

West Wycombe Park is the seat of the Dashwood Baronets. Though given to The National Trust in 1943, it continues to be the residence of the Dashwood Family.


“What’s the news from Kent?”
The lake at Hever Castle, Kent


Cue the Village People….in the Navy…I can read Jane Austen!!!



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