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2nd Attempt: The Ends of May/The Shapard speaks!

Not sure why the text was completely erased in the first email…….


One degree of Fanny Price!!

Sylvestra Le Touzel(Mrs Allen in NA 2007) played Fanny Price in the best on screen adaptation of Mansfield Park(1983).

Felicity Jones played Fanny Price in BBC 4 Radio’s adaptation which also starred some guy named Benedict. I found it charming….although the “Felicity” factor might have something to do with it. The narrator is Amanda Root(Anne Eliot 1995), who apparently played Fanny Price in a 1997 BBC radio adaptation!!!! -Kirk

Parts 6-10 still available here:

From the “other” Boston….the one in the UK.
Boston, you are looking absolutely stunning today.
Keep up the good work! #Sun #BlueSkies #MarketDay
The dance at Netherfield is a favourite scene!
“If you are not otherwise engaged, would you do the honour of dancing the next with me, Miss Bennet?”
“Why I… had not… I thank you, yes. Oh why could I not think of an excuse? Hateful man.”

Jane Austen Society of North America – Iowa Region

Uh, not to mention that Jane Austen died in 1817 and Victoria was born in 1819 and did not take the throne until 1837. It might have been a teensy bit difficult for Jane Austen to live in an era named after a queen that did not exist. . . Did I mention this is one of my pet peeves?

The Wild Blog in the West: Ten Ways That Jane Austen Is Not a Victorian Novelist

You were expecting something else, weren’t you? Oops. Here, “Wild” is just a name, and you’ll get an introvert’s perspective on life and the media. And, of…

The Shapard speaks!

He’s great!!!! I love his annotations! -Kirk

“I began by declaring my wonder at an achievement in language so marvellous that no term more trifling than ‘poetry’ could hope to encompass it. I have also hinted that in the dramatic conduct of her novels that there may still be depths to be plumbed. Happy the critic of Jane Austen. She has given us plenty to think about about, but, with impeccable decorum, she confronts us, not with problems and puzzles, but with marvels; her act is never importunate.”

-George Whalley from the essay “Jane Austen: Poet” in “Jane Austen’s Achievement: Papers delivered at the Jane Austen Bicentennial Conference at the University of Alberta” Edited by Juliet McMaster. Page 133. Special thanks to Sarah Emsley for directing my attention to this essay and volume.

Why Tom Bertram is right that Dr. Grant will “soon pop off”




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