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Wild Strawberries, Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet, A Father’s Sins, and JA’s Country Life!

I was delighted to be one of three persons to win an ebook via Austenesque Reviews and the author. I enjoyed the book. It certainly had some interesting and unexpected twists. As the saying goes….I couldn’t put it down. Alas, a certain favorite P&P character was not treated as well as I hoped. Those locally know what that means…..throwing the ebook and a .5 deduction!!!! 3.75 Regency Teacups. -Kirk

Here’s a review of our June book Wild Strawberries. Warning! Some spoilers!

Elinor was to be the comforter of others in her own distress, no less than in theirs.

— Sense and Sensibility, Chapter 37

Unless your name is Mary Crawford, I recommend this book! The subtitle is “Uncovering the rural backdrop to her life, her letters, and her novels”. I would almost suggest changing the first word to “Discovering….”. I enjoyed the many wonderful pictures. There were many passages from the novels quoted and at length too. Occasionally abit dry in spots. 4.75 Regency Teacups out of 5. -Kirk

Happy 250th Birthday Ann Radcliffe!

As a major conference gets underway to celebrate at the University of Sheffield, we send best wishes to our colleagues and former visiting fellows who are presenting papers there.
We’ll be doing our own celebrating with Professor Emma Clery, keynote speaker at the conference, and Dr. Angela Wright, conference co-organiser, on the 8th of November.


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