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6th of July

Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club shared Talk Like Jane Austen Day’s photo.

With so much true merit and true love, and no want of fortune and friends, the happiness of the married cousins must appear as secure as earthly happiness can be. Equally formed for domestic life, and attached to country pleasures, their home was the home of affection and comfort; and to complete the picture of good, the acquisition of Mansfield living, by the death of Dr. Grant, occurred just after they had been married long enough to begin to want an increase of income, and feel their distance from the paternal abode an inconvenience.

On that event they removed to Mansfield; and the Parsonage there, which, under each of its two former owners, Fanny had never been able to approach but with some painful sensation of restraint or alarm, soon grew as dear to her heart, and as thoroughly perfect in her eyes, as everything else within the view and patronage of Mansfield Park had long been.


A more complete review than mine! -Kirk

Oh what a Collins!

Another great blog post!

5 out of 5 Regency Teacups! -Kirk
A walk in Elizabeth Bennet’s Hertfordshire (32 photos)


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