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World Cup of Jane!

Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club shared Laughing With Lizzie’s photo.

I’m back! Missed me? I was thinking a lot about the character of Edward Ferrars when I was away. He was never a favourite of mine – and I’m afraid Hugh Grant’s portrayal didn’t improve my opinion! However, I really did enjoy Dan Stevens portrayal in the series. He became much more likeable for me after that. What do you think of him?

“And I will tell you what, Fanny–which is more than I did for Maria–the next time pug has a litter you shall have a puppy.” ~Mansfield Park.

“This cannot be!–engaged to Mr. Darcy! No, no, you shall not deceive me. I know it to be impossible.” ‘Pride & Prejudice’ by Jane Austen

« Sedere all’ombra in un giorno sereno e osservare la natura è il ristoro più perfetto »

Se poi lo si potesse fare nel giardino della casa di Jane..

~Mansfield Park — at Jane Austen’s House Museum.

All Things Jane Austen’s status.

Best news I could read today. Dearest Janeites, 200 years later we have Jane Austen in 3D. I am extremely touched. What about you? Thanks to forensic experts, contemporary eye-witness accounts, and a Bafta award-winning costume designer, the face of Jane Austen is revealed to the public for the first time in Bath.

Lady Estelle’s Tea Corner’s photo.

Remove skin to your spare apples and cut them into very thin slices. This is the filling of the other four.

Mix chopped with sugar and cinnamon. If you want to reduce or increase portion of cinnamon to guess to your liking, do not hesitate! Then fill the empty blocks with this mixture.

Three: Unfold the pie crust on a table and rebánala into thin strips. Cover the top of the block, in a grid pattern, with strips of pie crust.

Four: Place the apples in a pan and add enough water to make it the basis of this cover. Cover with foil and cook in the oven for 20-25 minutes. Remove the aluminum and cook another 20 minutes or until crust is golden brown

Curiosità di una Janeite’s photo.

« Oh! She is the most beautiful creature I ever beheld.. »

~Pride & Prejudice

Whilst watching Masterchef, there was a photo of Sophie Thompson (Miss Bates, Emma 1996 and Mary Musgrove, Persuasion 1995) and her family and I recognised her husband, and it was none other than Richard Lumsden (Robert Ferrars, Sense and Sensibility 1995). Now I thought this was quite a coincidence given that her sister, Emma Thompson (Elinor Dashwood, Sense and Sensibility 1995) is married to Greg Wise (John Willoughby, Sense and Sensibility 1995)!

Talk Like Jane Austen Day’s photo.

The Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:
“Liked it, in many parts, very much indeed, delighted with Fanny; — but not satisfied with the end — wanting more Love between her & Edmund — & could not think it natural that Edmund should be so much attached to a woman without Principle like Mary C[rawford] — or promote Fanny’s marrying Henry. –”
Fanny Austen Knight (Knatchbull)

The Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:
“We certainly do not think it as a whole, equal to P. & P. — but it has many & great beauties. Fanny is a delightful Character! and Aunt Norris is a great favourite of mine. The Characters are natural & well supported, & many of the Dialogues excellent. — You need not fear the publication being considered as discreditable to the talents of it’s Author.”
Sir Francis (Frank) William Austen (Jane’s brother)



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