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The 18th of July

The Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:
Anna Austen [Lefroy]
“liked it better than P. & P. — but not so well as S. & S. — could not bear Fanny. — Delighted with Mrs. Norris, the scene at Portsmouth, & all the humourous parts. –”

“Cassie, his heart will stop at the sight of you, or he doesn’t deserve to live. And, yes, I am aware of the contradiction embodied in that sentence.”

Happy St Swithin’s Day! Thank you to the Farmer’s of UK twitter account for reminding me of it today.

I think this singer could sing the phone book and I’d be “moved”. -Kirk

From Youtube:
“A fan-made video of Emma and Mr Knightley from the 2009 version of Jane Austen’s Emma.
The song is “Wide Awake”, an English version of the norwegian song “Våken Drøm” by the band Vamp.
The Melody is written by Øyvind Staveland, the original lyrics by Bjørn Kallevig and the english translation is by Philip A. Kruse. The singer is Emi Fujita”.

“Aunt Jane was the general favorite with children; her ways with them being so playful, & her long circumstantial stories so delightful! These were continued from time to time, & begged for of course at all possible or impossible occasions; woven, as she proceeded out of nothing, but her own happy talent for invention. Ah! if but one of them could be now recovered!” -Anna Lefroy “Recollections of Aunt Jane(1864)

Yes, I’m one of those who occasionally wail about Jane Austen passing about 41. At least we have the big six and the early writings. For a 22 year old…….no words. Perhaps made more so by the fact that she was from Wayland, she shared a birthday with couple of my favorite people, her family summered in Wellfleet, some of her personal views, the fact that she interned with the mighty scholar Harold Bloom…etc. While I’m not knowledgeable on “good writing”, I care about stories that “move” me(Team Marianne!!!). These essays and stories did just that. Even the ones concerning topics I won’t normally read were interesting to me. -Kirk

5 out of 5 Regency Teacups.

Jane #Austen died #onthisday in 1817. #DiscoverLiterature for Jane Austen books and manuscripts alongside articles, films, paintings and letters which offer unique insights into her life.

Image: Manuscript of Chapter 10 from Persuasion


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