Posted by: rearadmiral | September 1, 2014

Late Labor Day fun!

A small plug(if it was a Mansfield Park tea I’d call it a small pug….sorry!)……

I have been greatly enjoying “Emma’s Perfect Match” tea from Bingley’s Teas, Ltd. It was purchased for me at The Marble Faun Books & Gifts! -Kirk

“La mia eroina Austen preferita è Jane Austen stessa.La sua vita e i suoi romanzi mi hanno ispirato in così tanti modi.”

Today is Capability Brown’s birthday! Our places wouldn’t be the same without the renowned 18th-century English landscape architect. He designed over 170 parks in his lifetime, many of which we’re proud to look after today. If you find yourself following a path to a surprise view, or marvelling at a grand serpentine lake, you probably have Brown to thank. To honour the great man, let us know your favourite landscape garden in the comments below!

I’ve been dressing mannequins for our Mansfield Park costume display today with the help of our lovely work experience student, Lizzie.

Abbotsford is to be a featured in a new and beautifully illustrated book that reveals how gardens inspired the nation’s best-loved writers, including Walter Scott. Garden writer and historian Jackie Bennett will be at Chawton House Library in Hampshire (also in the book as an inspiration in Jane Austen’s life and work) on Wed 3 Sep to talk about her new book and signed copies at an exclusive price will be available on the day. For more information visit or read an interview with the author at

I must admit that when I read the book was about fifteen-year-old Jane Austen….I kinda rolled my eyes. While I enjoy fictional books about Jane Austen, they have been all( I think) been about adult Jane Austen. However, Syrie James kept my interest thru out the book. Lol, Cassandra Austen had one of the best lines in the book. 4.5 out of 5 Regency Teacups!



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