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Better late than……..????

Care Janeites,
è ora di cambiare la copertina.
Proponeteci un’immagine che secondo voi rispecchi l’essenza del romanzo con la magia del film

La mia vita da Janeite shared a link.

Vi auguriamo una piacevole serata, deliziate dalle incantevoli note di Sense and Sensibility BBC

vostre ecc. ecc., Jen & Love
We wish you a pleasant evening, indulge the charming notes of Sense and Sensibility BBC your etc. etc., Jen & Love (Translated by Bing)

From yesterday:
Austen In Boston: A Jane Austen Book Club shared a link.

Warm welcomes to Madeline, Joelle, Xandi, Vicki, Milica, Beverly, Zi Tong, and Cynthia!! And anyone FB isn’t showing us!!!!

Deb will be at JASNA MA @ 2pm today!(Sept 14) Yea!

I chose Northanger Abbey! I thought I should get into the bath spirit for tomorrow! I do enjoy this little film. Short and sweet! And Catherine’s vivid dreams don’t bother me, as I think it just shows how overactive – and dramatic! – her imagination is! My favourite part of this film is J.J. Field as Mr Tilney!

Jane Austen shared a link.
4 hours ago
“Jane Austen rose early, before the other women were up, and played the piano. At 9:00 she organised the family breakfast, her one major piece of household work. Then she settled down to write in the sitting room, often with her mother and sister sewing quietly nearby. If visitors showed up, she would hide her papers and join in the sewing. Dinner, the main meal of the day, was served between 3:00 and 4:00. Afterward there was conversation, card games, and tea. The evening was spent reading aloud from novels, and during this time Austen would read her work-in-progress to her family.”

More here:

“Non ho mai amato Edward Ferrars.Finché non ho visto Dan Stevens interpretarlo.”




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