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“Candles will dance and we will sing…”-Sarah McLachlan Week in review….#102?

“The nineteenth-century novelist Margaret Oliphant opined that ‘Catherine Morland, with all her enthusiasm and her mistakes, her modest tenderness and right feeling, and the fine instinct which runs through her simplicity, is the most captivating picture of a very young girl which fiction, perhaps, has ever furnished.’ What makes this picture possible is Jane Austen’s willingness to present the full, unvarnished reality of her heroine’s innocence and eagerness, with no attempt to impute to her any wisdom beyond her years or to disguise her frequent descents into folly”. -“The Annotated Northanger Abbey” Annotated and Edited, with an Introduction, by David M. Shapard

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The temp is 60 something in Boston. Warm welcomes to all who have recently liked the page!!

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Congrats Catherine!!! Lol, being parochial…I think Spenser for Hire should be on the top 10 list! -Kirk

From Laurel Ann Nattress:
Catherine Morland is one of the 10 best detectives in literary history according to Lucy Worsley, author of THE ART OF THE ENGLISH MURDER. She has such good taste!

10 Best Detectives in Books
Holmes, Poirot, Marlowe, and more.

“She knew herself to be of the first utility to the child; and what was it to her, if Frederick Wentworth were only half a mile distant, making himself agreeable to others!” – Volume I, Chapter VII

JA en quelques chiffres…

“I have loved none but you. Unjust I may have been, weak and resentful I have been, but never inconstant.” ‘Persuasion’

How brilliant!

Many other Austen sites have posted this…so getting on the bandwagon…

I just watched Belle too and loved it! Loving the tender and elegant soundtrack from Rachel Portman too! 5 out of 5 regency teacups! -Kirk… See More

Heathcliff, Mr. Darcy, Rochester – The Literary Heroes
3 hrs ·
Pride and Prejudice: Volume III Chapter XIV read by Helena Bonham Carter

Jane Austen Readings by Helena Bonham Carter: Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice: Volume III Chapter XIV [Reading] I don’t own any of this!


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