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Jane and The Twelve Days of Christmas, Happy Bday S&S, and other mysteries

4.25 regency teacups out of 5! I read the 1st one in the series a long time ago. I enjoyed it but haven’t read any of them since then. While I don’t love mysteries, I enjoyed reading this. Perhaps more for “hanging” out with Jane and some of the members of her family during the holiday season, than the mystery itself. However, that kept me turning pages too. I wasn’t thrilled in some elements of the ending. I look forward to reading more of this series. I understand that there will be at least one more coming out…great! -Kirk

Donwell Abbey Emma 09

Loseley Park
Donwell Abbey from Emma 2009(According to Wikipedia and Loseley’s website, it was in S&S 08 as well).

Good morning!

#JaneAusten #Persuasion

Cinderella’s Glamper . . .

Philadelphia Tea Society ~ Whoo’s ready for some Hallowe’en Tea?

Another Happy Bday S&S!!!!

Norland Park(Saltram) from S&S 95.

Ann Radcliffe – The Mysteries of Udolpho



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