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To Chatsworth and beyond…..or, This Old(haunted?) House!

Austenonly is(was?) such a great blog. I was looking for something about Anna Austen Lefroy and came across this. I didn’t know her actual name was Jane Anna Elizabeth Austen.

I just finished listening to Part 1 of the radio adaptation. Yikes….will I be able to get thru Part 2…UGH! -Kirk

And it’s available!!!!!

Wentworth Woodhouse sotto la neve.

A few questionable images but overall funny.

Just couldn’t wait to share! The book should be ready very soon and I”m just tickled with this cover! It only took 15 revisions to get it right. (Yes, seriously, 15…)

Two Nerdy History Girls – Friday video on Houghton Hall:

I miss this group soooo much! Thank you JASNA Eastern PA for posting this!


“E’ una casa affascinante, ti assicuro. C’è un salottino molto carino al primo piano, dell’ampiezza giusta per l’uso quotidiano, e sarebbe grazioso con mobili nuovi.”

Dyrham Park, #Allenham #Ragione_e_Sentimento 2008
@Peter Toft on Flickr

Great post below! I would vote for the Victorian Poet George Meredith as a notable Box Hillian(he’s mentioned in the article below). Perhaps not on his own merit alone but also for his poem “The Lark Ascending”. It was incorporated into Ralph Vaughan Williams(RVW) beautiful classical piece by the same time. In a poll by the light classical station Classic FM, “The Lark” has recently been voted #1 or #2, or #3 in the UK. RVW grew up 6 miles from Box Hill. Also, in his middle years he moved to Dorking from London(his 1st wife was in poor health). There is a statue of RVW in Dorking. And in TMI…I played a bit of The Lark Ascending at Chawton House. Lol, when I was at Box Hill, I quoted Mr. Knightley from Emma 09 “It’s the same county, it’s not the moon”.

I would compare Box Hill with Great Blue Hill locally. However, Box Hill is so so so much beautiful in my eyes. And…..there is a train stop about two miles away.
So, it is walkable from the train. I did it in a couple of hours…..maybe.


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