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Happy Bday North and South 2004 #NS10, Jonny Lee Miller, and Anne Hathaway!!!

Happy 10th Anniversary weekend North and South 2004!!!!(a little typo saying 2006 below but all is forgiven as the music is soooo moving and the image choices are excellent).

For me, this is one of the most moving moments in Period Drama! -Kirk

Another great find from JASNA VT!!!!

Here’s Elizabeth Gaskell home in Alton today.

An Austenian Alphabet:

G is for Georgiana Darcy…

In PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Georgiana is Mr. Darcy’s shy, amiable, modest younger sister, aged 16 when the story begins.

At 15, Miss Darcy almost eloped with the dastardly George Wickham, who sought her thirty thousand pound dowry. Miss Darcy is introduced to Elizabeth Bennet at Pemberley and is later delighted at the prospect of becoming her sister-in-law.

Georgiana is extremely timid and gets embarrassed fairly easily. She idolises her brother, and the two share an extremely close sibling bond. She is extremely talented at the piano, singing, playing the harp, and drawing.

Did you have anything in common with Georgiana at her age?

I loved the first two in this series. This one comes out today!

A supreme Austen fan:

“I was a little mortified, however, to find that you had not admitted the name of Miss {Jane} Austen into your list of favorites. I had just finished reading her novels when I received your discourse, was so much pleased with them that I looked in it for her name, and was rather disappointed at not finding it…I count on your making some apology for this omission” -Chief Justice John Marshall to Justice Story 1827 pg 497 “John Marshall: Definer of a Nation” by Jean Edward Smith



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