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Pre-12/16 excitement builds

An Austenian Alphabet:

K is for Knightley…

Mr. George Knightley, to be precise.

A principal character in Jane Austen’s EMMA, he is the wealthy gentleman neighbour and lifelong friend of Miss Emma Woodhouse.

Mr. Knightley possesses excellent judgment, fine moral character, and maturity, the latter in stark contrast to the immature, young Emma. The kind and compassionate Mr. Knightley finds himself teaching and often reprimanding Emma for her own good.

Their long, close friendship forms the firm foundation of a beautiful marriage.

Why is Mr. Darcy considered the superiour romantic hero by most, I wonder?

Which character do you prefer: Knightley or Darcy?

di Anna Austen

I cannot make speeches, Emma…If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.

~ Emma, Jane Austen

I recently made a stamp set for JASNA Southeastern VA Region annual December Tea & Dance. They are an amazing organization and you really should check them out. Maybe even find your local chapter if you are a huge Jane Austen fan!

My favourite adaptation of Emma (starring Kate Beckinsale and Mark Strong)


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