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Happy Bday Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A great find by Karen:

ATJA Advent Calendar DAY 16
Happy 239th Birthday, dearest Jane!

Happy Birthday JANE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mi è stato detto, ma non so se corrisponde al vero, che era stata all’origine una locanda di passaggio, ed era in una buona posizione per esserlo, proprio dove la strada da Winchester incrociava quella per Londra e Gosport. L’incrocio tra le due strade era parzialmente occupato da un ampio stagno poco profondo, che credo sia da tempo diventato terreno asciutto.

La porta d’ingresso si apriva sulla strada, e una staccionata molto stretta da entrambe le parti proteggeva la casa dai possibili urti dei veicoli di passaggio.

“Mia zia Jane Austen. Ricordi
di Caroline Austen”

Happy Birthday Jane Austen-thank you for all your wonderful writing, and for giving such pleasure to so many people.
Jane Odiwe
Happy Birthday Jane Austen-thank you for all your wonderful writing, and for giving such pleasure to so many people.

HAPPY 239TH BIRTHDAY DEAREST JANE! We’ll be raising many glasses in your honor ❤️

Drunk Austen
HAPPY 239TH BIRTHDAY DEAREST JANE! We’ll be raising many glasses in your honor

Maria Grace
22 mins ·
Jane Austen’s birthday present! 35% off everything at the Shirley’s Handicrafts Etsy store today only Plus free shipping until New Years! Coupon Code: JANEAUSTENDEC16
This includes the Jane Austen Christmas soap I shared with you yesterday!
Jane Austen Society of North America
52 mins ·
Greetings on Jane Austen’s Birthday!
Jane Austen was born in Steventon, Hampshire, 239 years ago today. And as it does each year, JASNA is marking the occasion with the release of a new issue of its web journal Persuasions On-Line, Vol. 35, No.1.…
Karen Doornebos‎Austen Variations
40 mins · Chicago, IL ·
Happy 239th Birthday to Jane Austen & all of my fellow Austen Variations authors! Join me on Sarah Emsley’s blog today! Celebrating 200 years of MANSFIELD PARK!
Devoney Looser
13 mins ·
Jane Austen, thank you for laying the groundwork for feminist blogging, puppet shows based on your novels, and giant Colin Firth statues. Also, happy 239th birthday!

JASNA – North Texas
1 hr ·
Greetings on Jane Austen’s Birthday!
“We have now another girl, a present plaything for her sister Cassy and a future companion. She is to be Jenny….”
— Letter from Rev. George Austen to Mrs. Walter, December 17, 1775

Fancy That
2 hrs · Edited ·
Happy Birthday Jane Austen! 239th year celebration today!
Curiosità di una Janeite
2 hrs ·
Happy Birthday Jane!!!!!
Oggi ricorrono 239 anni dalla nascita della nostra Jane..e le sue parole sono attuali oggi come allora..che meravigliosa scrittrice!
Cosa vi ha fatto appassionare alla vita e agli scritti di questa autrice Janeites?

What Jane Saw
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Today is Jane Austen’s birthday. Celebrate by looking at art through her eyes!

Chawton House Library added 3 new photos.
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‘Mr. Johnson was once upon atime about 53; in, a twelve-month afterwards he was 54, which so much delighted him that he was determined to celebrate his next Birth day by giving a Masquerade to his Children and Freinds. Accordingly on the Day he attained his 55th year tickets were dispatched to all his Neighbours to that purpose.’ (‘Jack and Alice, a novel’)
Today at Chawton House Library we are celebrating three birthdays!
Happy Birthday to our very own Jane Austen ! Today 239 years ago, the Reverend and Mrs. Austen welcomed their seventh child and second daughter into the world. Despite not giving a masquerade to celebrate this joyous event, we do advise all our followers and friend to have a piece of cake (or a glass of wine, if you prefer) to celebrate Austen’s 239th birthday. But be warned! Do not end your celebration in the same style as the Johnson family by ‘a bottle being pretty briskly pushed around […], the whole party not excepting even Virtue were carried home, Dead Drunk’ (‘Jack and Alice, a Novel’)`
Also Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Carter, translator, poetess, essayist and correspondent; this formidable bluestocking was born today 297 years ago! Her friend Samuel Johnson described her as “My old friend, Mrs. Carter, could make a pudding as well as translate Epictetus from the Greek, and work a handkerchief as well as compose a poem.” A woman worth remembering and celebrating, so do not forget to make a toast for her as well!
And last, but definitely not least, Happy Birthday to our very own Business and Administration Apprentice, Emily Roynane who turns 22 years old today!


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