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Happy 2015…a year of Emma’s(the book) 200th Bday(Dec 23 or 25)

I read 8!(which is not enough!) How about you? -Kirk

Wondering how may times Jane must have gazed up at the church tower? — with Ginny Boxall Landscape photography.

For all of you who now have a new Bingley’s Tea, Jane Austen series in your cupboard:
“Let me know when you begin the new tea, and the new white wine. My present elegancies have not yet made me indifferent to such matters. I am still a cat if I see a mouse”.
Letter to Cassandra (1813-09-23) [Letters of Jane Austen

Talk Like Jane Austen Quote of the Day:

“After having much praised or much blamed anybody, one is generally sensible of something just the reverse soon afterwards.”
Letter to Cassandra October 11-12, 1813

From Shirley: “Did you know there was a cat in Emma? Come on, down in front!”


Mappa dei luoghi di “Ragione e Sentimento”

Qui potrete vedere la mappa completa:

Still tired (worked through Christmas) but could not resist. Will try harder next year… Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May your new year be as wonderful as you make me feel sharing the things we love!

Last but not least a small token of my appreciation to all the wonderful pages out there that help me make this page what it is. I could not do it without you! I wish all of us the best year ever! You know who you are but I would like to make a special mention to a few!

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks All Things Jane Austen and My Jane Austen Book Club!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

“La tua faccia quando ti accorgi che Dr House ha sposato Dolores Umbridge”

Happy New Year from the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation.

Did Jane Austen ever see fireworks? The answer is…. yes!!

See this lovely article from AustenOnly.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

EROINE Prima di tutto DONNE .

One last 200th Bday Mansfield Park post!(ok, a good excuse to post the song below) I hope Fanny enjoyed her …..long long overdue share of the conversation!!!!! Especially with Sarah Emsley’s great series!

“On that event they removed to Mansfield, and the parsonage there, which under each of its two former owners, Fanny had never been able to approach but with some painful sensation of restraint or alarm, soon grew as dear to her heart, and as thoroughly perfect in her eyes, as every thing else, within the view and patronage of Mansfield Park, had long been.” Finis

“Harriet!” cried Emma, collecting herself resolutely — “Let us understand each other now, without the possibility of farther mistake. Are you speaking of — Mr. Knightley?”

“To be sure I am. I never could have an idea of any body else — and so I thought you knew. When we talked about him, it was clear as possible.”

“Not quite,” returned Emma, with forced calmness, “for all that you then said, appeared to me to relate to a different person. I could almost assert that you have named Mr. Frank Churchill. I am sure the service Mr. Frank Churchill had rendered you, in protecting you from the gipsies, was spoken of.”

“Oh! Miss Woodhouse, how do you forget!”

“My dear Harriet, I perfectly remember the substance of what I said on the occasion. I told you that I did not wonder at your attachment; that considering the service he had rendered you, it was extremely natural: — and you agreed to it, expressing yourself very warmly as to your sense of that service, and mentioning even what your sensations had been in seeing him come forward to your rescue. — The impression of it is strong on my memory.”

“Oh, dear,” cried Harriet, “now I recollect what you mean; but I was thinking of something very different at the time. It was not the gipsies — it was not Mr. Frank Churchill that I meant. No! (with some elevation) I was thinking of a much more precious circumstance — of Mr. Knightley’s coming and asking me to dance, when Mr. Elton would not stand up with me; and when there was not other partner in the room. That was the kind action; that was the noble benevolence and generosity; that was the service which made me begin to feel how superior he was to every other being upon earth.”

“Good God!” cried Emma, “this has been a most unfortunate — most deplorable mistake! — What is to be done?”

“You would not have encouraged me, then, if you had understood me. At least, however, I cannot be worse off than I should have been, if the other had been the person; and now — it is possible –”

She paused a few moments, Emma could not speak.

Approaches to Teaching Austen’s Mansfield Park by
by Marcia McClintock Folsom (Editor), John Wiltshire (Editor)

Disclaimer: I have met the editors(and one essayist) at JASNA MA.

Although designed for and written by teachers, I believe general readers will get so much out of this volume. Indeed, as a general reader myself(I came to Austen as a general reader(and the films of 95-96), not through the classroom), I was amazed by the wealth of information in this book. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, as Marcia M. Folsom also edited volumes on teaching P&P and Emma, which both are outstanding.

Even the essays I might question or have reservations about the label used(you know who you are ), were filled with so many points of interest. Nearly all of the essays were understandable at my general level of reading. Mansfield Park, and especially Fanny Price, certainly deserves this share of the conversation.

5 Regency Teacups!!

Happy Bday Rudyard Kipling!!!

Jane’s Marriage:
Jane went to Paradise:
That was only fair.
Good Sir Walter followed her,
And armed her up the stair.
Henry and Tobias,
And Miguel of Spain,
Stood with Shakespeare at the top
To welcome Jane –

Then the Three Archangels
Offered out of hand
Anything in Heaven’s gift
That she might command.
Azrael’s eyes upon her,
Raphael’s wings above,
Michael’s sword against her heart,
Jane said: “Love.”

Instantly the under-
Standing Seraphim
Laid their fingers on their lips
And went to look for him.
Stole across the Zodiac,
Harnessed Charles’s Wain,
And whispered round the Nebulae
“Who loved Jane?”

In a private limbo
Where none had thought to look,
Sat a Hampshire gentleman
Reading of a book.
It was called Persuasion
And it told the plain
Story of the love between
Him and Jane.

He heard the question,
Circle Heaven through –
Closed the book and answered: “I did – and do!”
Quietly but speedily
(As Captain Wentworth moved)
Entered into Paradise
The man Jane loved!

And then these four lines are by themselves:

Jane lies in Winchester, blessed be her shade!
Praise the Lord for making her, and her for all she made.
And while the stones of Winchester – or Milson Street – remain,
Glory, Love, and Honour unto England’s Jane!

Love these two together!

“Como surgem depressa razões para concordarmos com aquilo que nos agrada.”

Persuasão, Jane Austen
Imagem: Emma – BBC 2009


“Quando, finalmente, estiver segura do amor dele, terá todo o vagar para, por sua vez, se apaixonar como ela bem o entender.”

–Jane Austen
Imagem: Razão e Sensibilidade – 2008



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