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Cassandra Week(bday 1/9) and a wee bit of Tom Lefroy(1/8) as well

“My dearest Fanny

I have just read your letter for the third time & thank you most sincerely for every kind expression to myself & still more warmly for your praises of her who I believe was better known to you than to any human being besides myself…..Of course those employments suit me best which leave me most at leisure to think of her I have lost & I do think of her in every variety of circumstance….”

Cassandra to Fanny Knight July 29, 1817

Pictured below, Fanny Knight.

Happy Bday Cassandra Elizabeth Austen!!!!!!!

“….What I have lost, no one but myself can know, you are not ignorant of her merits, but who can judge how I estimated them?-God’s will be done, I have been able to say so all along, I thank God that I have.-If any thing should ever bring you into attainable distance from me we must meet my dear Miss Sharp”. -Cassandra Austen to Anne Sharp 7/28/1817

“In the first place I hope you will live 23yrs longer. Mr. Tom Lefroy’s birthday was yesterday, so that you are very near of an age”. JA to CEA Jan 9,1796

Happy Bday Cassandra!!!

Happy Bday Cassandra Elizabeth Austen!!!!

“She then proceeded to a Pastry-cook’s where she devoured six ices, refused to pay for them, knocked down the Pastry Cook & walked away” – The Beautifull Cassandra,” written by Jane Austen as a young girl quoted from “Tea with Jane Austen” by Kim Wilson pg 32

This review ignited a firestorm back in the day! Happy Bday tomorrow Cassandra!!!

January 8

Happy Bday to Tom Lefroy!!!!

“At length the Day is come on which I am to flirt my last with Tom Lefroy, and when you receive this it will be over—my tears flow as I write, at the melancholy idea”. JA to CEA 1/15/1796

Another great find by Drunk Austen!

Separate Spheres

The idea of separate spheres was a nineteenth-century doctrine that there are two domains of life: the public and the domestic. Traditionally, the male would be in charge of the public domain (finances, legal matters, etc.) while the female would be in charge of the private domain (running the house, ordering the servants, etc.). This novel questions the idea of separate spheres by introducing the Crofts. Presented as an example of a happy, ideal marriage, Admiral and Mrs. Croft share the spheres of their life. Mrs. Croft joins her husband on his ships at sea, and Admiral Croft is happy to help his wife in the chores around the home. They have such a partnership that they even share the task of driving a carriage. Austen, in this novel, challenges the prevailing notion of separate spheres.

The Changing Ideal of the Gentleman

This novel presents two very different versions of the English gentleman. On one hand is Sir Walter, the traditional, land-owning, titled man who avoids work and seeks comfort. On the other hand are Captain Wentworth and Admiral Croft. Both naval officers are working men who have made their own fortunes. Though their manners are impeccable, they are not of the same high social rank as Sir Walter. In this period of English history, the definition of a ‘gentleman’ was growing increasingly more flexible; this novel reflects that change.

Was at Jane Austens house today celebrating her birthday, the house was wonderfully decked and we were treated to piano playing and Christmas poems read by the in house poet!

Cassandra and Jane!

“I have lost a treasure, such a Sister, such a friend as never can have been surpassed,—She was the sun of my life, the gilder of every pleasure, the soother of every sorrow, I had not a thought concealed from, & it is as if I had lost a part of myself…..You know me too well to be all afraid that I should suffer materially from my feelings, I am perfectly conscious of the extent of my irreparable loss, but I am not at all overpowered & very little indisposed, nothing but what a short time, with rest & change of air will remove”. From Cassandra Austen to Fanny Knight Sunday July 20, 1817

This is right on so many levels!

Is this Downton Abbey or Pride & Prejudice – well done Julian Fellowes!
(Image polished a bit if you want to copy or share! Sorry the other was so dark).

Elm Park, Wellesley 2011 from Rebecca. I was trying to get to some posts from the past(and wasn’t able yet…grrr) and found this. A smaller version of Hartfield? -Kirk

“The last sad ceremony is to take place on Thursday morning, her remains are to be deposited in the Cathedral–it is a satisfaction to me to think that they are to lie in a Building she admired so much–her precious soul I presume to hope reposes in a far superior Mansion. May mine one day be reunited to it…..I did not think to have written a long letter when I began, but I have found the employment draw me on & I hope I shall have giving you more pleasure than pain”. From Cassandra Austen to Fanny Knight Sunday July, 20, 1817

Welcome to Cassandra week! Her Bday is 1/9!

Such an elegant writing!

Drunk Austen’s photo.
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Grab your closest book! Turn to page 20 and line 15 will be your love-life prediction for the year. Post what you get in the comments!

Grab your closest book! Turn to page 20 and line 15 will be your love-life prediction for the year. Post what you get in the comments! -B

Dress, 1810-5, American



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